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Application of matrix method to thick lens

Optics Series Lecture, Lecture — VI
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Application of Matrix Method to Thick Lenses

Topics covered in this lecture 

A. Cardinal points 

B. Thick lens equation and matrix for thick lens 

C. System matrix for thin lens 

D. Unit and Nodal planes 

E. Matrix for a system of 2 thin lenses

Our previous studies of optical systems were based on two premises.

a. We assumed a paraxial system

b. We assumed that our lenses are thin

a. We assumed a paraxial system, see what this means and how its defined in a previous article, here.

This means we employed a first order optical theory. Check the article just linked for a good overview of whats paraxial optics and whats first order optical theory. Such assumptions are fraught with various types of aberrations, which we studied in detail in lectures, here and here. 

b. We assumed that our lenses are thin