What I criticize and what I don’t? Reply

Previous title; Who I criticize and who I don’t?

Casual heroes and heroins and their ripened silence and immature hypocrisy.

Friends this is a general comment of the purported political nature of some of my criticism posts — on social media, which consists, mainly, G+, twitter, FB and occasionally my own website, and these type of criticism is only perhaps 10%.

I am not keeping a tab of the composition, but if I post a link of some discovery or some events, that I do not follow myself greatly, but just want to share, I do so, and that perhaps covers more significant numbers of my posts, on such social issues. Also more than 75% of my posts are perhaps simply neutral from a preposterous political view point. See what I mean, here, here and here.

So my own criticism may be significant, but I share a lot of views and opinions and analyses from others. This is also a modus operandi of how and what I am willing to believe, as opposed to what party line I would lick with impunity.

There are tons of events or news from here and there and only few involves important issues, that are being discussed elsewhere. If you are one of my regular post comment-er I would take your comments with as much sincerity as they are made with. In other words my alarm bells would not be ringing “caution”, I have already some kind of trust working between you, my reader, and me, the post maker.

But a one time comment that simply picks up on a particularly psychic paranoia of one self and projects as a generic nature of my existence, may not be seen with much impunity. More…

What we fear? 1

Fear is an internal quotient of external situations, and it might only be unreal, if internal methods are brittle. We fear things that we don’t grow up with.

We are fearful of crime, but the criminal is not. But thats not why I said it although its applicable. Why I said it is because following.

A country is fearful of money, because of economic difficulties. Another is fearful of English because they were secluded from it for centuries. The American is fearful of confrontation, they grew up without anyone (outsiders) “telling” them.

Some people are fearful of maths, they did not grow with numbers and some are fearful of good behavior. I am eg fearful of bad behavior. I did not grow so much with it. More…

You become what the world doesn’t need from you ! Reply

You become what the world doesn’t need from you !

The reason why I am a scientist is such a thing, it didn’t need science from me.

You become lovely because the world doesn’t need it from you. It remains with you.

The world doesn’t need terror, it remains with some people, they come and blast us off.

If you do not take it slow, you have to take it fast, all at once.

My girl friend hates me all at once, ­čśŤ┬á as I refuse to take hatred at a slower rate.

Why sex can be used to dominate. 1

Why sex is often used against opponents? There are two most competitive and perhaps the most leading behavior of us human beings. 1. Intimacy, which in its most nonsensical form is sex. 2. Creating and harboring opponents to prove our OWN supremacy.

Is it needful to say that our nonsensical intimacy has procreated and sustained us but our innate desire to kill or vanquish others has nonetheless kept us competitive because lest it only the one that hatches a conspiracy first will have an edge. We strike back not only at our extra-species opponents but at our own species in order to savior ourselves against nature’s odds. More…

When we lose focus, — by Kenneth Justice. Reply

One of those times when I think, why people say my girlfriend ditched me or my boy friend dumped me or my paramour actually screwed me. How about they have all been “flushed”? — like a cold piece of bread dumped into a garbage bin or a f* piece s* that was flushed? Which one looks better for their situation. Ah humanity, if you look at it in the eyes of sarcasm and humor it kind of looks like enjoyable, their f* pain is our f* pleasure, isn’t it?

Here is a story then, therefore, from the pen of my good blog-mate Kenneth Justice, who writes how you shall devote more time towards all your relations and enjoy life in general than cut your limbs off in a whacky machine of love-relationship-mill. More…