Effect of Sun’s gravity on time dilation of atomic clocks.

This is an original research work of Manmohan Dash, published here, 3rd November 2011, 8:10 am.

What are the effect of Sun’s gravity, on time dilation, of atomic clocks, on GPS satellite and on on time dilation on clocks on earth.

GPS Satellite; revolves every 12 hrs around earth. Above ~26000 kms. Keeps time on earth driven by atomic clocks. Atomic clocks would lose time due to energy loss in gravitational field, its called as Gravitational time dilation — which would be red shift if time is gained in recession from the trap, and blue shift if entering into the trap ! So the idea is how much time is lost due to Sun’s presence or say Jupiter’s presence?

Apart from Sun, the other planets in the solar system, can exert similarly understood time dilation effect, although there will be no symmetry in such situations, but for a 24 hrs period, that concerns the GPS satellite, because thats –twice, their time period, for one single rotation around earth, this fact of non-symmetry may not matter.

The masses of other planets in the solar system, vis a vis time dilation effects, will be far smaller eg compared to that of Sun’s mass, hence their effects as well, considering, their distances also play a role. Although we can take only the massive and closer planets, or make a table of these parameter of such planets

The OPERA neutrino result

in the former case of the independent experiment they carry out, they can not at all use any relativistic boosting, relativistic additions, relativistic particle kinematics etc … No single formula of Relativity must be used, all the decay reactions that are into the experiment must first shed all photon-speed-relativity before their values will be used. They have too many assmptions to take care: