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Physics writing seems to be catering to the demand-and-supply route. But thats not true. Look at string theory. Writing about science fiction, string theory and popular science takes up most space available in any related racks in the book store. So the idea is to talk about things that people will never see, you will become very famous. Invoke the G-word. Ghost, God, G-strings, G-modes and what not. But if you want to talk about something real, be prepared to be ingenious. Thats where Richard Feynman beaten everybody including Einstein. Einstein was ingenious and insightful but not in a way Feynman was. (Einstein was perhaps more insightful than Feynman but not as ingenious as Feynman)

**since most articles were transported from another website where they were well-read but not here, I am not hopeless, people usually stick to the same website, hotel, bookstore, restaurant and wife …, (sorry thats not a sexist joke, just for entertainment) its about inertia. You stick to the same beer, same brand of cloth and same subject matter for gossip. You feel comfortable with cigarettes despite how it corroborates you negatively.

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