Feel free to multiply a factor of 1.5 to each stats if you are to get the more reliable stats of readership than word-press. 


The most well read article on my website is 9800 times [14.9 K as per non-word-press data] read, in 370 days. I don’t even know why. (I would have thought some other article would be well read if not to this amount, but not this one, kind of shocked and embarrassed ) This is so perhaps by a demand-and-supply reasoning. Compare that to some of my well written (but hardly read) Physics articles.**

Physics writing seems to be catering to the demand-and-supply route. But thats not true. Look at string theory. Writing about science fiction, string theory and popular science takes up most space available in any related racks in the book store. So the idea is to talk about things that people will never see, you will become very famous. Invoke the G-word. Ghost, God, G-strings, G-modes and what not. But if you want to talk about something real, be prepared to be ingenious. Thats where Richard Feynman beaten everybody including Einstein. Einstein was ingenious and insightful but not in a way Feynman was. (Einstein was perhaps more insightful than Feynman but not as ingenious as Feynman)

**since most articles were transported from another website where they were well-read but not here, I am not hopeless, people usually stick to the same website, hotel, bookstore, restaurant and wife …, (sorry thats not a sexist joke, just for entertainment) its about inertia. You stick to the same beer, same brand of cloth and same subject matter for gossip. You feel comfortable with cigarettes despite how it corroborates you negatively.

I have removed some articles from the list but this is quite representative. The numbers show number of times read (or rather accessed, which is the same thing?)


Word-Press stats. 

Writing a motivational letter for PhD .. 9,811
Home page / Archives 3,961
American virgin teaching Sex 547
The latest trends in physics 533   [0.5 K]
Bill Maher comedy (– 3vids, each hour long) 476
Why Rupee [INR] depreciates against dollar 383
The rules of phonetics, alphabets, vowels, consonants, Indian system
Haversine formula and Vincenty formula, millimeter accuracy for earth distances 348
How to learn Hiragana in few hours? [Learning Hiragana fast -I] 297
Higgs Boson production .. Feynman diagram 199
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol 1 by Richard P. Feynman .. review
Whats Pseudo Force? Is Gravity amenable to Quantization?
CV [html, pdf] 147
Lost and Found jokes 122
why scientists think photon is massless ? 118
The effect of GPS clocks on neutrino speed excess at OPERA
Physics midterm exam, class XII (ISc-II) ICSE (also good for PU/CBSE)
ISC Board Question Paper Class XII – 2009 (ICSE) 89
IMA (IoMA, Institute of Mathematics) now ISI. 86
Least action principle and principle of equivalence … 85
Energy-time uncertainty is a distance-time and speed-time uncertainty
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics by Paul A.M. Dirac .. review
All the things you can remember about Relativity and Quantum Mechanics for all your life 77
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard P. Feynman .. review 75
Jokes in “gaon ki hindi” 75
physics midterm preparatory exam, PUC-ii, CBSE (also good for ICSE/XII)

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