Nirvana !

Why I think religion is a subversion of science ?

— And look at the wording; subverted, subversion: another version, ha.

— A deliberate attempt, I would say, although over such a time, that, you wouldn’t notice it.

Lets talk Nirvana — which is a hyper-anointed word for mukti or freedom.

Here is the hindu philosophy about Nirvana — some hyper puritans of religious over knowledge might disagree, its Buddhist, they would say, at some times I can not really distinguish, but what does internet do, a lot of perversion at the least.

A person is borne as a human being. That SAME person goes through a cycle of death and birth.

Do we realize such an idea is anti-scientific, because its a subverted idea?

This cycle goes through thousands of circulation. I learned as a kid, barely 3 or 4 years old, this idea; that your life goes through an immense number of cycles, into various “Joni” — a reference to any particular species as we would call it scientifically. There is a nice anecdote about it, why it was so significant for me that I learned such an idea, at that age, if I write it up, I will certainly link it up here.

This person, that goes through such joni eg a tiger’s life, is a Tiger Joni, and a Dog’s is a dog joni, and joni is something like progeny? Yes. This life I am a human, previous life I was a camel and I wasn’t making so many jokes about my own toes and so on, the next life I will be into a raccoon’s joni, but its the same person who is tagged and condemned, to be born into this cycle of jonies, by default.

Indian languages are monosyllabic contrary to whats known

In-fact this I have realized year or two before and few things were written in this website in teh last 1-2 years in this regard. And here is why Indian language has to be monosyllabic. 1. India is in Asia and almost all major countries through ages have monosyllabic nature. eg Chinese is monosyllabic and its present in major nations of Asia including Japan where the latter is very-well clsoe in the spoken words. There are many example, the last article: “kyomizu dera” is perhaps simply so in Indian as well “khyamisu dera” with recognition that “khyamisu = forgiving God”

Language connections points to an underlying beauty… (blog moved to another place)

Language connections are much more unbelievably simple than our day to day attitude towards them reflects. Everything evolves from a fewer set of things. The underlying beauty of the seemingly bizzare properties are only a diversion. Nature isn’t playing tricks. We are not prepared to take a route which promises us sound understanding of the inherent unity for fear of losing a dime of our ability to prove that we are capable of the immensely complex.