Association of science to social gratification !!

“The West” does science with the same intention China does communism. To show that they are different (unique). Which is why science can fail. Because science is merely inquisitive understanding of various objects and phenomena. It’s association with social gratification is dangerous and counterproductive towards science. Note: “The West” is just a connotation which vastly includes “The East” through their interconnectedness. Its a newer paradigm as opposed to the ideal values of science. from >> Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 1:04 pm UTC +05:30

from; Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm UTC + 05:30

Science is just a phenomena. But atheism and religion are not phenomena as such. One can say they are anthropic phenomena. They pertain to only human beings and not even a dog or tiger. All forms of life form are insulated from atheism and religion except human beings.

[Do Dogs understand Science? No But they don’t poke their noses in it. How they behave intelligently isn’t worked out by a method or reproducible, they merely imitate. You can make a magnet imitate, or program a robot to mimic. Also there is more to science than just what we understand eg a future generation will not accept our follies projected as binding on everyone, in that sense lets not describe science as something merely prejudiced.]

A small primer on properties of rationality in scientific thoughts vs spiritual or existential conditions. Has a scope therefore to expand into something enlightening, in future. For a record, goes by tag: eschaton, look for that category. Eschaton gives small, off the top ideas, dedicated to Physicist Sean Carroll, so he will warn me of any consequences. If, I recall, the first time I wrote an eschaton idea, I dedicated to him. But haven’t checked that back now.

Charity and Funding.

myth: science needs massive funding, religion is a charity. fact: science needs reasonable funding, with 100 $ you will do education that can’t be done with 10000 $ of preaching.  fact: religious charity is equivalent to keeping the mass at injurious level of lack of education, which is used to exploit them financially which is a massive scandal. So charity is a business.

The MOST unique captions in the world.

The MOST unique caption in the world.

Caption (#mdashf): I am the only person who has taken the picture of all of humanity keeping myself impossible to be pictured by anyone. 

The Viral-nova caption is kind of not clear;”This photo was taken by astronaut Michael Collins, when he took this photo he was the only human, alive or dead, that wasn’t in the frame of this picture. He traveled with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and orbited the moon whilst they were landing to study the surface of the moon from farther out.”

100s of galaxies seen through the Hubble Deep Field (HDF), as they were 10 billion years ago.

Caption: (#mdashf) Dear Galaxies, we just clicked your 10 billion year old picture.

100s of galaxies seen through the Hubble Deep Field (HDF), as they were 10 billion years ago.

Whats the electron’s electricity bill? Our democracy has made it easier that if every person pays a little particle physics is really not that expensive, even less expensive than Diwali, Diwali comes every year. A lab for example would stay for 3 decades if opened.


Why India can go to Mars and not the atom? For expenditures, between the Mars and the Atom, the sojourn is not any different.

I worked for a particle lab whose cms energy for electron’s acceleration was roughly 10.5 GeV. Thats basically the energy if each person in India buys a battery of 1 Volt and gifts it to the lab as each battery would accelerate the electron a level of 1 eV and roughly the population of India would be needed to accelerate the electron to 10.5 GeV, assuming each one’s battery accelerates to 1 eV.

There will be other similar expenditures also, but this is like the electric bill for the electron. Says why particle physics is not really as expensive for the country as are eg riot expenditures or even Diwali crackers.