from; Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm UTC + 05:30

Science is just a phenomena. But atheism and religion are not phenomena as such. One can say they are anthropic phenomena. They pertain to only human beings and not even a dog or tiger. All forms of life form are insulated from atheism and religion except human beings.

[Do Dogs understand Science? No But they don’t poke their noses in it. How they behave intelligently isn’t worked out by a method or reproducible, they merely imitate. You can make a magnet imitate, or program a robot to mimic. Also there is more to science than just what we understand eg a future generation will not accept our follies projected as binding on everyone, in that sense lets not describe science as something merely prejudiced.]

A small primer on properties of rationality in scientific thoughts vs spiritual or existential conditions. Has a scope therefore to expand into something enlightening, in future. For a record, goes by tag: eschaton, look for that category. Eschaton gives small, off the top ideas, dedicated to Physicist Sean Carroll, so he will warn me of any consequences. If, I recall, the first time I wrote an eschaton idea, I dedicated to him. But haven’t checked that back now.

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