On a friday evening I was stressed out and taking a walk when I crossed path with a fellow grad student. (YES that’s Swapnil) He said there is this Ethiopian restaurant where the food tastes like Indian food and proposed I should have this every week. It really had very good flavor. He told me this food is great but I already had my lunch.

I was not feeling great and got talking to him. We talked about certain practical issues about a career in Physics. He had differing but realistic ideas. He went to one of the buildings to finish his food and wanted to know if I would accompany. There were still certain stuff going on in my mind that were hard for me to figure out so I chose to sit in some open space as it would free my mind. (– we parted ways) There was this music concert going on – it goes on week-ends as its summer but I happened to pass-by this place by coincidence, several times before.

Today the music was great. Some very colorful people were playing the music and almost dancing. I was imagining myself right there among these group of people with my Aloha shirts on, the ones that I actually bought from Hilo Hattie and other places in Honolulu, Hawaii, albeit I was imagining other people that could dance with me…for a moment there I thought probably it would be inappropriate for me given my age. I was looking all around imagining stuff and laughing to myself and I was actually sitting on the stairs. There was this very old lady sitting on a wheel chair behind me on the flat surface just above the stairs in the middle of the park. I looked back when she tapped on my shoulder.

And then she tells this….”I gotta tell you something”.
I said “Yes”
She says….”You are one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen”
Now I felt a little embarrsed cos I thought for a while I was blocking her view so I said in my characteristic humour “You mean you want me to get out of your way”

On that she says….”No I really mean it” and gave me a really innocent look.
I thought to myself “You made my day although its almost evening”.



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