Humanity is incomplete without insanity !

When I used to write anywhere between 1 – 7 blogs a month, it would only be read by a few people — but I was quite happy about the quality, it was a true pastime and I used to write occasional poems, contrary to those who would think I am writing only now, that was 2008. Mostly I started writing in 2007.

Here is a poem, based on something I saw in one winter day in Virginia — and I recapitulated later and wrote a poem, in December. No I actually did not perhaps give dollars, but while writing I wished I did. And those were the days for about 2 years or so when I used to practice remembering incidents from my life and write something about it. Mostly I was able to connect the knots but may not have always. It was a good pastime in India, right after I returned from US.

Monday, 11 am, 08 December, 2008


I am an experimental particle physicist, traveler, teacher, researcher, scientist and communicator of ideas. I am a quarkist and a bit quirky ! Hypothesis non fingo, eppur si muove, dubito cogito ergo sum are things that turn me on ! Researcher in experimental high energy physics (aka elementary particle physics; like “quarks, leptons & mesons and baryons”) … Teacher of Physics (and occasionally chemistry and maths) Blogger (check my website; ! Love to read read and read but only stuff that interest me. Love to puff away my time in frivolities, just dreaming and may be thinking. Right now desperately trying to streamline myself.

2 thoughts on “Humanity is incomplete without insanity !

  1. step2more said…

    There is no sanity without having insanity in this world ;)
    August 20, 2010 6:06 PM

    Think spot of M. Dash said…

    true…we just need to keep our sanity out of our vanity
    August 21, 2010 10:02 AM


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