This is an “instantaneous” essay I wrote as I see our standing in the world, or as I can think.

Disclaimer: I can be completely wrong-witted and you may be completely dumb-witted.

Where are we heading really??

in a normal sense nowhere. But in a subtle way we are moving into a brighter future for mankind as opposed to a negatively painted picture by the propagation of a culture of pseudo-science. This culture is adhered so religiously that it has created a myth of its own.

Talk Global warming. Its a myth. [Don’t throw your shoes on me for saying that] Why is it a myth? A lot of evidence can be accumulated and precariously substantiated in favor of GW. How many opposing theories are really there which are equally debated in scientific communities and which has for example an equal footing as far as scientific methodologies are followed or involved?

I might not have come across one. You can say there is scientific unanimity about such a phenomena. Let me ask you this? What evidence are there that a reverse trend will not start itself, call it Global reverse warming [not exactly global cooling] Why GW must be considered one that is a constant change in the planet’s thermodynamics? And this phenomena of GW which is causing so much rise in the temperature, the causes are human activity, if you generically summarize all the factors that are supposedly causing the GW.

Now we are saying we are devastatingly capable of changing the thermodynamics of the planet on a scale which is equal to it if not more. Alright ! So the thermodynamic capabilities of nature are less effective on that scale compared to what we can contribute by our greedy and needy manipulations. Unbelievable!

A natural forest fire doesn’t increase the temperature of a region for a decade. But an industry in that region will. But then this is more a local affair thermodynamically, than one which is global in scope both in space and time and more so in time.

Well the industry is running day in night out but its operations are controlled. And if you live exactly near the industry you complaint about pollution and temperature and if the industry is not built with the best practice of safety it might pollute remote distances as well.

But there are patches nearby which are independent of such effects. So change on a global scale induced by large scale human activity is not exactly one that bothers me. I tend to believe that reverse thermodynamic changes do take place and sometimes can take place on an unbelievably nicer way compensating for the melting of the polar ice and so on.

And at-large this is a regime where power of nature conquers over whim of man-kind. And how do we know that we are the ones that are causing the ice to melt? It might be another natural thermodynamic process on our planet. 3/4th of the planet is water. This will take in the temperature, get heated up, evaporate.

And if it worries you that we are constantly increasing our temperature then remember this we are also living in a cold dark universe. Our planet is embedded in such a space where the thermodynamics of the atmosphere will be connected to the thermodynamics of the space immediately next to it.

Now let me cut back into the subject where we are progressing rather the specific example I am citing to counteract the menace of culture of pseudo science. You may like to criticize mine as the prophetic science but is there anything beyond that to tease me?

Why I believe the future of mankind is more brighter than a scary one. Well our way of living changes for better and have always been like that at-least since the unset of industrial revolution and even before that.

Our quality of life on average over geography, possibilities of calamities, disjoint social status and so on, has bettered and I tend to believe that it is directly proportional to the applicability of the knowledge we often accumulate.

So the unusable portion of our knowledge isn’t contributing towards our life issues, but that’s because we haven’t pursued them enough. And to the mind of a person with common sense the amount of knowledge is always on the increase, it gets added up.

The number of books increase, the libraries increase, their readers and practitioners they are always on a path of rise. They never dwindle like the water in a river dries out.

The accessibility to knowledge can dwindle.

We do not get smarter day by day or even wiser day by day. But our options are always on the path of rise. Our prosperity is a matter of our options. Our fathers, grand fathers and theirs had lesser options, we have more.

But they might have been wiser or else we wouldn’t have the wealth we have for ourselves. They might not have been smarter because they didn’t have to compete with the future generations. But they did have to think about producing or conserving enough resources for the future. So they had to have been wiser.

Now where does the world really suck if such a prosperous growth need to be overseen. Its human greed and mindless consumption. For example an artificial blockade can appear from intense greed or even just human existence which could be a trigger for a negative fall of our brighter future.

Nature may not replenish every-what and everywhere. So we need to be guarded against our consumption needs. But we do not need to be over-scared.

Now again where are we heading? Nowhere. But to be subtle we have a brighter future. because we are yet to fully appreciate the beautiful world we live in. The amount of comfort it has in store for us. And the forgiving nature of nature which has always inspired us to be its true slaves. We are not the master of the universe. If we behave like one we must take its consequences.

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