The value of science in communication..

Once upon a time there was a Mr Wolf who decided without thinking for the second time that he is going to take up a career in science.  He communicated his wish to Professor Wolfenstein who was living right besides his house. Professor Wolfenstein delivered an enlightening lecture about Wolf’s prospects in making a good science career-o-graphy.

What he suggested Wolf is to expand his sphere of interaction from among a group of goofers to a  group of nerds and geeks. Followed by that he suggested to Wolf to get respectable scores in his academic pursuits. When that happens consistently  he said Wolf must give fluent and eloquent  talks that everyone wouldn’t mind to listen. And even, and more so , more likely that this talk be unproven and uninitiated  in any learned societies.

But the crux of matter of this talk should be to grab attention to one’s unique persona. Professor Wolfenstein said the talk need not be correct but should quote a few popular phrases and ideas. In that way the audience which constitutes of nearly  one hundred per cent stupids will be taken note very favorably. Give a talk which is quiet meaningful and quiet essentially the state of the knowledge, you risk being rejected thereby enhancing your chances of success in  the long term future rather than the immediate  gain.

Once you have gone as far as that level people will force themselves to believe that you are a snub and a worthless procrastinator who can possibly some day produce only a little bit of oil from the pea-nuts. You got to enjoy that as a form of independence and hidden support from people who you can allure to yourself and that would also be a practical and effective way of testing your personality to create a supportive audience for you. Then you slug. You slug and you slug.

Without any regard for anyones’s wishes or feelings or desires or any thing of that kind to your mind. You publish and speak and collaborate and take note of details and think and share and do not hesitate to criticize. Do not think about for the bill you have to pay for a dinner you hosted for others to listen to your minds crap. Unwanted as it will sound to them by now you have all the articulation in the world to prove your point . Thats the name of the game called science. Its not a job. Its not a career.

It s a passion in believing in yourself and discovering and rediscovering yourself and to constantly find yourself in a need to share your ideas, and eccentricities to the world to let them know in no unclear terms what you really are. Because people are more inclined and capable of  accepting some one weird and unusual like you than constantly fool themselves about your looks and your rich and your prospects for them and your glorious past and your reputation .

Wolf then took this advise from Professor Wolfenstein and took off to build his own empire of passionate pursuits. He is still working in an idea factory west of the lingerieville..

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