(Originally writ April 04, 2010?)


Am I the only dinosaur living of my time?
Or I am an archaeopteryx ?

Am I a lion or a pumpkin -head?
Am I a buffoon or a funny alien?

Am I an eccentric musician singing lores of love songs or a wind of hope?
Am I a breeze of ecstasy or a smoke of clove?

I promised my papa I won’t smoke pot again
My mama calls me at midnight and asks me if I had had my dinner.

My friends call me yet ask me not how I am doing? Cos I am the one who showed them a way out of adversity.

I am no Ruskin Bond or Mark Twain, but sure they would have liked to sip a little wine or boast about the favorite beer they had.

Am I a Professor who likes to keep you on your toes? or a student who wants to learn it all again?

Am I an experimentalist who has forgotten the trade after the great depression or the theorist who nobody listens to?

Am I the whiz kid in the class who cracked jokes on everybody or the class clown who didn’t mind spanking his own butt?

Am I the traveller who made it a point to take the wrong exit to discover the wild or the unsuspected nomad to taste on the country cooked potato?

Am I the maverick who made friendship with the theater girls or the wanna be drummer of the exotic music ?

Am I the day dreamer who popped a dozen ideas in the group of ships or a silent passenger in the crowd?

Am I the scholar who woke at 4′ in the morning to take a day off into the paddy field and a “before the breakfast call on the restaurant” ?

Am I the student who took it all in the name of good or the loafer who made fun of everyone unsparingly?

Am I the lover who felt with his head while calculating the bill he has to pay ?
Am I the sadistic who took pleasure at everyone’s helplessness or am I the loner who needed a pat on his back for being so different?

Am I the one who has done it all or the one who doesn’t understand why things happen the way they do?

I have done it all , all in the name of passion cos thats one thing I never begged from anyone.

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