I have been diagnosed with severe diabetic ailments. With a lot of precaution it was under control. And I think to most  part this precaution is in line with my past activities. If I can go and stand in a lab for hours and give lecture to students for another hours, come home lay flat but think about what to do in the next month, wake up in a couple hours and write 2 blogs I am probably giving everybody a cause to worry, but that’s me.

And I find that as long as I am myself, most of the ailments are in some kind of check. Because, not to behave like oneself is to invite further degree of ailments, by causing a pretty sedentary life path. And to continue on my  past accomplishment is like flying through air and enjoying the best restrooms in the world and getting ready for a picture or two but not quite ready to digest all the starch still lying unattended at some ununderstandable point in my intestine.

And to imagine that you can possible digest it all just by a great deal of manual work is not science or medical science by any standard but I would bet on this as my last resort. Well it just means I had a little bit more on some stuff but how to digest it all. Probably its not necessary because the red-carpet wont be too unhappy to welcome your lovely foot palms but is that all that is necessary.

Am I a bit mindful of my unnecessary actions or I am finding it hard to see as well as I find hard to digest. I believe none, I am just way more cool than I imagine. I believe Imagination is more important than knowledge. But such a knowledge is more a scholastic one. And by being scholastic its possibly a bit more elastic as well. The imagination is important than this elastic knowledge.

But such imagination is definitely not more important than wisdom. Imagination is comparable to electric power. But wisdom is comparable to the love you so easily garner from those around you that you may let it go like a spendthrift. It comes easily to you so you are careless about it. But you are lucky so why not care and keep a dime for a warm evening. Why invent a problem. Probably this evening is close. Let me put my mind to rest, because earth prefers 70 oscillations per minute.

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