Insecurity often breeds a resistance against change.

When the ethics we live our lives by and ask others around us, to live by, allows us to contravene changes as unnecessary, not in our interest, or not of our own calling, we are vehement and critical of such changes.

If our feelings are hard formed and prejudiced, we often come out as righteous. Truth is, we are self-righteous, may be even that passes our scrutiny.

A training in reasoning or a drumming of social reasoning, are just swift, when it comes to counter another persons views but they are not enough and sticking to that, will not lead us, in any progressive dimension, for our own existence.

So why not be a little prepared to change, a little every other day. Just a little every day. Some people change every instant or at the least that’s the implication of some of their thinking.

It’s either a proven or a trodden path, when we pray every evening to our Bhagawan or residential deity and every Tuesday it may happen to us all, to visit the Lord and offer him coconut, in our age-old Indianic tradition. But little it occurs to us to transform our daily attitude, let alone the principles or the basis on which we live our lives.

Almost all of us think that it’s a tough call.

It is.

Nothing in human civilization has ever been achieved without toughness in hearts, minds and the standards by which we live. A favorite example in my mind is how Galileo from Padoa in Italy, was a man who transformed the way we do science today and he was a visionary, scientist, technology maven all at the same time.

But he was the first, among all great scientists of modern times, who took it up to himself, in countering the tough and straining anti-scientific mentality, of a group of cardinals, religious torch bearers, barons and even vicious academics.

Well so did Newton and Einstein and possibly all great scientists of up to today’s time, at some point or other, against the bigots of society and academics. Great technology missions and science efforts, are nothing possible, if we are to allow our complacency, to have any impact, on the way we would regularly function.

While I would contradict myself a little bit, to say some degree of conservatism and complacency is what everyone needs, without which human beings feel loathed and fettered, it does not do me any good, to not counter the same in my own life. I have always so far in my life survived and actually enjoyed tremendous amount of enterprise. To my taste it worked the other way actually. It freed me from loath and fetter. I believe it does to everyone.

I believe we scientists often do not manifestly talk, about principles and arts of good living. That’s because it sets in us every now and then and we do our own good living. When a religious Guru or art of living maven, usually gives such subtle principles or proposes them, I laugh it a little in my head, given when it comes to principles, it’s a little more of a scientists calling and this remark of mine is what the religiously bent folks may not quite find it alluring to their taste.

Nevertheless, we live it in a very hyped out world, where we would do ourselves exactly that, which we would set out to disprove in another person.

If a man amasses, a colossal amount of wealth, we find ways to declare some of it, ill found. While it could be said that almost all wealth is ill found, given there are always some or other way, to exploit the customer, the principles of business are not based on loot.

The principles of business are based on product, service, and satisfaction of the customer, client, and consumer loop. A man may have a family based legacy, of fortune, or one may have made it, from the rags to the riches. But there lies in the wealth, his own virtues.

It’s his generosity and our fortune, if he wills, not his fortune and our generosity, so it’s actually his generosity and his fortune.

In similar counts, when a man is virtuous, it’s his own making and it’s his own spirit. Now a follicle of arrogance may be imagined, but I see such mindset with utmost contempt of my own feeling that another person’s simple gestures of animation can be seen with suspicion and name-calling. It’s a pocket of arrogance in itself; to which no degree of human reasoning may be applied.

When a system thrives by calling the mediocre and the lesser a virtuous non-arrogant element of the system, the system has already sown for itself a seed of failure, cynicism and in crude terms, a formula of robbery and spying, stealing and sly.

Its because it’s a pocket of insecurity.

A pocket of insecurity towards, what is right and higher and must be ideally pursued and taught, to our children, as values.

What do we envisage our own children, to be doing, 15 years from now, fighting on street, with those that have no morality but the ones that have hijacked their fortune?

OK, we may not have a chance for a civil strife or a civil war, but if our well conditioned, morally and spiritually sound and innocent intellectuals, of today are regarded, as some kind of warts or arrogant over-growths, then we have for ourselves created an atmosphere, where the rogue looks like a saint or an art of living Guru and a legitimate Guru; a rogue or an arrogant balloon.

It’s only a difficult predicament that such insecurity, can be flipped, into another persons account. Is it an insane real social development or an imaginative over-flow of casual arguments?

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