I am a jealous squid  wrapped in a Nori, Nori that I like so much

And I have lived among people

Of different caste, creed and continents, wildly swollen

I miss all the assortments, the friendliness of those who served

The elation that a few showed towards mystery and the fact that I never had misery

I am chosen, as I have imagined, with joy and faith I have trodden

I met a lovely lady that interested the lover in me

I let go as a matter of D

The bloated ego is a paraphernalia and it often worked as I expected

I have understood the implications of a rash adrenalin

In the name of drama I changed roles, from a suave and smooth talker

To one who can tolerate B

When my ecstasy knew no morale, my heart didn’t know it either

I didn’t give up any morale, as I never subscribed to any

As a matter of courtesy I am sharing it with you

From the assortments I took a little clue

I reached more ecstasy through Hawaiian blue

The lemon candies of which I became a slave, bought a box full and spared a few

Today in the mixing of all the thoughts without any wine or spirit juice

I write that which happens when you go out of your screw


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