The famous is an optimized representation of the rich. Only the cash dollars are missing. But that’s not the only pitfall of being a scientist. It’s a coveted honor, right?

YES, the definite yes!!

Being a scientist essentially means excavating truth in our own ways so as to make a fitting contribution towards what we think of as a rightful world where the problems of health and basic necessities of life are met; in a way we don’t see any poverty, in a way we don’t see any inequitability, in a way we don’t see any humanistic fallouts.

We wont see poverty or any of that in any advanced nations of the world, talk the downtowns of Washington DC or the quite Fast-paced highways in any other city (say those in Illinois) of this prosperous country called USA,

(I haven’t seen Euranasia so obviously I can resist myself to make a remark, lest I render myself ineffective by being incorrect)

But apart from this humanistic philosophies that makes one go around the world to search for ultimate peace of mind before one settles by discovering the mess in ones own backyard there are a pretty many other parameters that are never in place that makes one behave like a scientist. The matter of fact is some people are what they are because of what their life is and there is really no need for them to come out looking like a scientist but if this can generate enough hype and masala everyone tries to behave a little, like one.

Those who know you from close quarters appreciate and actually like this for you than try to replace you. This is one stark need for the science community of today. To put things in place, to set the house in order. To remove pseudo science and a culture of value creation by wishfully implying science. I think and very emphatically with all my humanistic errors in my making, that the job of science is to create and sustain a tremendous perspective for the world to consume this perspective so as to lead the human community as a whole in a direction in which we will see our betterment, rather than to spice up and boost the morale of the cargo cult, witch hunt mavens.

I think we (still) live in times when our psyche is still controlled by a freaking need to associate our problems to the mercy of third powers. Everything that is regressive is a 3rd power. I think when we haven’t crrreated for ourselves a social set up where the true liberating power of science is to our use we are doomed as a civilization.

I am typesetting this on my defunct laptop and to the credit of robust technology limited by realities of nature this gadget is still working reasonably well despite how it would frustrate any inexperienced consumer beyond imagination, by realities of nature I mean trade among nations and the internal polities of dysfunctional democracies and these are vital factors to offset the fruits of human endeavor of the world as a whole to lesser developed communities.

Why dysfunctional?

The answer is, the set goals of a nation like India is often in the hands of the less capable individuals or at least carried out in blindfolded confidence in the name of national priorities and national pride so as to deprive ones own countrymen of the same commodities that are available to the policy makers without the same constraints.

I believe democratic norms are naturally flaunted if we are to take up a scientific approach from within the base of India because ours is not a first rate scientific community, our development and progress is sporadic and dissipative, in most of the world standards. Our fate is often given to the lesser or even zero vision leadership, I don’t know in the names of what, employment creation?

This is a loop process, if we are to start with a defunct system we cannot arrive at a solution that is more robust than already implied by the system with which we started. Entities can’t be multiplied beyond necessities, right? Everything follows a principle, like motion follows gravity.

SO you have to purchase the ones that you don’t know how to produce, because there are millions of principles that you do not know because you did not work them out, eg through a laboratory program that worked for a decade to innovate the technology. Since you don’t have enough structures,

(Infra structures and ultra structures are here a pep talk, it suits world industrialists to talk in those terms, because theirs is a produced speech, not one which is visioned, a vision is necessarily one which takes into account what system we have that is not functional),

a national debate of everything that matters to our list of necessities and priorities must ensue as a matter of a science program of the country. India is yet to see such a paradigm, of course to the exception that I said, ours is a sporadic and dissipative system; SO, how we prevent such leakage needs to be entertained into our program.

What we mostly end up doing is employ a few resource eaters to positions of continued support while they hardly produce any perspective for the nation, there are thousands of such, may be it all started as an ambitious scientific program for the country but in time has stopped working like a science program rather grew like algae or fungi, the humor is Tissue culture has become Issue culture, through the study of algae the scientists themselves became algae.

SO one check and balance “strategy program” needs to evolve as soon as the brick walls of a building are in place. You don’t want your scientists to check the quality of brick making or building construction, that is the job of experts and the free market is much suitable for that. When we invest the country’s money and when the country is actually an incredible international destination now because it boasts the world’s best experience, which it actually does in many places, the facilities that the scientists enjoy should also be of that standard.

In addition to that remove the ones that are not performing or the ones that thrive through plagiarism. Eg someone claiming his work to be independent to gain governmental or private funding by leveraging his work 30 years ago is either a remarkable scientist or someone who is a sophisticated resource eater and this country India has produced 99.99% of the later. If they can create such a paradigm ours would be a first rate scientific nation.

I often dream of such a nation and I have often realized my vision based on the reality of such paradigm, without that my efforts are not very focused, so my spectrum comes out. SO in a way that makes me more attractive as a scientist but less acceptable as an innovator, but I believe my innovation is often how the community wants to employ me rather than how I am going to capitalize on my natural instinct, I have enjoyed both.

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