(If they were really mine a little early on I was going to be a little more loved and a little less troubled)

Yesterday someone drove me in a cab. The driver asked me if I am glad to see the airplanes hovering so close to me. I said I have been flying since a decade. And each time I fly I am happy to see it taking off. He said where I have been and I said to a few places around the world.

Here are my feelings,

When my mother cries, I say crocodile tears


When my father comes close, I say too late


When the brother swears, I say how wrong I have been


When the sister procrastinates, my love dies

When I get spam calls, I simmer in pelvic agony


When someone waits for my love, I say go find yourself someone


When friends smile, I say OK lets meet


When the neighbor shouts, I wake up from slumber

Its not late but I have been crying for long


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