A translation of my poem from Odiya , The problems of complacency

The problems of complacency

My heartfelt thoughts
they need an outlet for expression
they need a compassionate response from another heart
my tears have dried up
my hairs are greying
I dont find anyones to share
Like King Bikrama, I am carrying the mythical Betala, the burden of my body
I can not open myself for fear of losing my existence
Like a voice it rings in me, Do notĀ  let your expressions to divulge
Save them for a good reason
Poems are an excuse to express, poetic thoughts areĀ  a mere imagination.
The surrounding is unhappy from the rising smoke
The desires have been satisfied
The images of hope and optimism are created
The self promises to collect the hopes and the desires
Like a loved kid he would not change from his self
Its all imaginary, like the dreams of a desperate poet.
Like an ideal optimists mistakes
He has never compromised with the truth of his self
Truth has met many applause in his imagination
In self abashment
to feel others and to meet their expectations
he has let go of his own comforts
Forgiveness is not a compromise, everyone seeks for his own
Hope, obsession and self expressions are dear to him.





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