Universe may be using simulation to predict the future…that makes all the accidents and uncertainties possible. Universe itself may not know all its constraints and is trying to find out as it evolves, that may be the nature of “Laws of Universe” it does nort defy the formulation of quantum mechanics…that Simulations are part of laws of Universe are for two reasons, 1st one I have described in my article “what’s simulation?” There I ve described the 1st reason as: Simulation is a summary of all that we know so far to be laws of nature. Reason 2: If simulation is working fine to predict certain things of nature then there is nothing in nature against it to make it inconsistent. Its a hypothesis in Quantum mechanics that something is possible as long as its not inconsistent with the laws of nature. The added reasoning here is Universe or nature (nature is the visible part of Universe!!) may not have overpowering ability to cast its own laws and not meet a shock from another part of the Universe when its laws are not satisfied.

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