There is a discussion on twitter about what to call a spamming of the social website.

So, I think of a Raccoon. A freely inspired raccoon. This tiny creature is interesting, crazy and beautiful, and not on any Pinot Noir or Merlot like those social guardians on twitter. This creature hops and hypes everywhere. It pops up from a little hidden corner of the grass land.

I am often embarrassing to twitter elites.

And we are all, the social guardians on twitter given to watch it do it all. We are inspired, some of us, like the small entity itself. We are given or occupied or motivated by an inspiration to figure out all the little crazy things the raccoon does. We want to find out why, what motivates so much free inspiration in the raccoon.

So we all engage in that act of finding. Then a silly idea comes, to someone’s mind. Lets shoot an arrow of dart at the raccoon, a little poisoned at the tip. It would not kill it, it’s argued. But temporarily and at our mercy render it unconscious, so we can study it better, we can look it from close angle.

I think this is where we go wrong about the free inspiration of the world we live in. The little innocent creature isn’t even aware that a bunch of dart shooters are aiming at it.

Someone may argue this does not fit with the so called freely inspired twitter raccoon. This guy invades our space our privacy. This guy sends offending tweets.

They say I send offensive tweets.

I think we are all offending each other and sending at times to other offending tweets that invades others privacy. Despite of a little predefined rules and privacy we all are like little raccoon that are freely inspired to live on in the plaza that this nature is. Then we gather and gang up on an suspecting or unsuspecting target. We make ploys to shoot poison arrows to kill the ones that we don’t like for various reasons.

We are all given to temptation and we are all invading some one else’s private spaces. Take a celebrity who is advocating drugs. It’s affecting a parents resolution to keep his kids in a safe social zone. Take the example of a celebrity who is advocating against drugs from his past involvement and look at that offending tweet that does a little vilification to the celebrity poking fun at his past.

Take a religious preacher and take an atheist. Take a few on each side and take a few that do not belong anywhere but claim membership. They all offend and invade the others, some times on purpose sometimes out of free inspiration.

We can scratch everyone of a little dignity and make sure we are all here to live on as long as we do not intend a poisonous dart. If a raccoon offends our sense by questioning our ability to throw a dart at it or not ? We are equally smitten with emotions of calling the raccoon a spammer or a spitter.

I am an irritating raccoon playing jokes at anyone. 

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