Click on image to access the slide-share presentation that made use of the image.
Click on image to access the slide-share presentation that made use of the image.

FB had already made us all, the hawkers, that we are today. Everyone is feeding their statuses with news news news, that Mother Ganga knows who reads or not. Right now I have opened 7 feeds to read and 3 that are pending from yesterday.

But I am afraid if #digitalindia plans work well, we might also become;

Be warned that this is not a vacuous statement or baseless, FB supremo and digital India supremo, have come together neck to neck, to help cause India make massive strides in technology, especially in the rural provinces of Indian nation.

I am an irritating raccoon playing jokes at anyone

1. jingoists

— those who would do anything as long as they are wrapped in their chosen ideology, especially the nationalism and religiosity that are an order of the day.

2. corporate loonies

— if we can work towards syndicating events that are happening, we can as well work towards corporate goals, without realizing it and without any payments as such, especially as long as they are satisfying 1, wrapped in our favorite sentiments.

3. intellectually impoverished fools

— the ones that would never examine their beliefs, as long as they can get away with it. Of-course it also means killing the very chance that sees our voices being heard, midst massive paranoia of corporate and governmental interests, such as the tons that have happened in the recent past. Name it ?

(i) Net Neutrality; That we do not have any say, in what we want to say or not. The Oligarchs will first and foremost — in priority, filter it to see if its suitable for their goals or not.

(ii) Ban this ban that; Obscene? ban it. Offensive? Block it. Disagree with parampara? Bully it. Want to survive on sentiments; Ban meat.

(iii) Whatsapp? First you tell whats app? ham app ke hain cone, ham ch** hain kya? “Don’t delete what message you send, for 3 months”. I would happily keep it, for a day or two, if my sarkari brothers would want to read it. But they are so pressurized in building the nation, they can’t show up for 3 months. In the name of nation building, lets wait or at-least agree that we must go to jail, if we do not cooperate with our legal gunda bhai log.

Fill more, its easy to scan the news and internet, before thats not possible anymore, once comes up. Or as goes the vibe.

But who wants to believe the same government and #digitalindia proponents, will bring us massive strides of technology sensation in the country?

They say I send offensive tweets !

Its yet another substance-less sensational attempt to keep us blindfolded, from what we really vote our governments for; action on the ground. Its perhaps only a hype or as we pronounce here in India; jumla. Jumla is the new age substance, believe it or not, but when the mist is off, it only benefits the oligarch, not you me and all the commoner on whose behalf such measures are to be taken.

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