Where I am walking now in my garden, it’s a little wet and rainy

I see a frog, going in a hole and snake comin like a gentle manny

I see Papa, and say hello, he says good to see you son

And reminds me, it’s his special day, and I am yet to say him  none

I say, Papa, I don’t say you so, cos when the morning bangs me a horn

I am already tired to go to bed and take a deep sleep turn


I am back to my room and singing a song, like I am some kind of singer

If it does not look like you care, you don’t even give me a dinger

I give a lotta stuff for free and look like a generous King

But on Friday nights you call me a bitch, as I don’t buy you a thing


There are many kinds of loosers and I am not one of them

I just keep harping on my tunes and the frog says “ahem”

If I carry like that this evening, I make you a sore throat and a jam

For that reason only, I keep like a junglee – wild Ram

It’s better to focus on something that gives me a fair earning ( and a name)

As Mama often reminds me, I am a good for nothing-dream ( and a shame)


Daba daba daba daba dopey, laba daba laba daba dee..


Love love love love love love love love love lovey

When I come across a fucking thing I smell like a honey bee

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