divinely unmindful of the contempt I exude to a world which is moving at nail’s pace to my dream scenario of a world free from hunger, malpractice, stealing etc….But time to take a little power nap, it was a heavy lunh of rice and alligned side dishes and if you want to pardon me “wake me up after 30 minutes” using some kind of facebook spam-robot to set my alarm… what you.. kidding me ? I knew someone who had said “I was resting my eyes” after missing a prescheduled meeting by 2 hours. And he always gave me a run for the Tax-payer’s money..It’s a 10 dimensional M-theoretic world where the more powerful can use the hidden dimensions despite of the fact that we do not know if they exist or not.

(You were slllrrrlllrrllrllrping, not resting your eyes..)

who was slllrrrlllrrllrllrping, I was slllrrrlllrrllrllrping, why you always slllrrrlllrrllrllrping

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