April 16.

Reminiscing a dreadful day in my life. Today 16th April, a decade ago, 2007.

It was early morning. Snow flakes were making the surrounding really beautiful. Especially because I was sitting inside of a cozy air conditioned student center, looking out of the glass wall. The hazelnut flavored milk-less coffee used to be one of my favorite, especially when I would be sitting alone. I was reading a paper on “phenomenology of quantum mechanical phases related to my thesis research”. These were the days I had started writing or at-least musing about writing blogs. So I was even perhaps in the mood of writing a poem or something.

The beautiful silence was broken by a strange noise of a crowd. I looked around. A man with a long gun, as long perhaps as himself, of-course a bit smaller, wielding it to the ground was hailing at the folks around “stay indoor”.


The status here at mdashf

What I will try to do is to keep on spending some time on mdashf (now I can see, at-most 2 hours a day is also not too strictly possible by any means, in addition to how you won’t be capable of even gathering to sit along and write, that too gather some focus to correct and enhance content quality. There would also be a lot of commutation and assignments to be completed by me. Life gets exciting, competitive and demanding, so lets give it a chance)

One of the things you might have noticed, is I am trying to learn some new language and stuff. This will go on as and when I get free time and the impending conditions of my assignments and employment.

So all in all, dear readers, do read anything you like, pass it on, discuss if anything is liked by you or share among others, comments of agreement and disagreement are fine but not strictly going to attract much time, as I said, not much time would be available around in here. But I will try.

Lot and lot and lot of things to be taken into streamline. If not, thats fine too, this years resolution has been, study, write and think. There are other wishes, if they turn out to be horses, will keep you posted according to their consequential values.

some of my letters from 2002.

Kalinga Debate.

Some “debate” on Kalinga as a State. April 29 – May 1, 2002

Reproduced ditto, except, space-bar and underline.

Hello P**aa,

I’ve been staying in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA since the last 8/9 months and I am pursuing my PhD. in Physics after doing my M.Sc. in Utkal University. Very soon (in 15 days) I am going to go to Japan for one year (for the time being) to do some experimental work in an international particle physics lab there.

I have the same patriotic feeling as you do about our country in general and our state in particular.

I have so much thing I wish I’d tell you about how my thoughts have changed after I came here that I can not tell you right now because of the time constraint. But I’ll write you back very soon about what I feel what the problem is with India , my changed perceptions about why a country with such large potential is lagging behind.

Probably for the time-being you’d bear with me for begging some more time.

My personal opinion is the name of our state should change to “kalinga”. But you know what we have ground problems.

How has my life been in last 15 years.

I just got hold of something I wrote, 2 years ago, describing in nutshell, incidents, that are of no hard consequences, but how I run across tons of different type of people, in my sojourn towards oblivion. (I must be unhappy with my parents one day, 20 years ago, and said “I am leaving you guys. “where you would go, tell us, we are worried”, “Öh don’t worry I am going towards oblivion”.

November 6th, 2012, 2.30 PM. Thats right after lunch, when do I do such unnecessary stuff.

some insects biting me .. oh what an emergency in 1st world definitions. Reminds me thus of various things. (which followed a long conversation about my life’s incidents, the night before) These things are not chronological but follow how things would rush to top of mind. What causes such volition?

1. (humor on undergrads at Tech)

You have reached the Cassel Colosseum .. (Now get out o’ here and call your parents .. you have a D in 60% of your courses.)

2. (humor on health appointments at Tech)

You have reached the McComas (Was it the grad place or the health services? ah health, right.)

Welcome to Virginia Tech health services. Sign your name and stand in a que. Don’t speak until one o’ our representatives takes attention and comes to you with further instructions. We serve on a daily basis our clientele who are mostly

Some views on Indian culture.

Some views on Indian culture.

Manmohan Dash

I have wanted to talk about 3 snippets of my views on what I think of 3 popular aspects of Indian culture, which any Indian who is a globe trotter is bound to be found in discussion with an international diaspora, because of their sheer popularity. I will mention 4 but leave out that one.

1. Indian women when married, wear a red mark, called “mang ki sindur” or vermilion on forehead. (No I am not going to talk about lipstick, its a modernized version)

2. Indian temple walls, popularly called now as Hindu temples walls, are replete with sexual imagery, but as far as we know, it only immediately precedes the Mughal and British influx. Were the Hindus always conservative, ancient antiques say otherwise.

3. Indian or Hindu temple walls have been defaced to a large extent. Mostly an act of dishonor on the artifacts, with their noses being disfigured. What causes this shameful act.

4. Brahmanism, (and caste system) Basically Brahmanism is a religion separated from Hinduism, but now mixed, a “fact” you will not see so well mentioned, as would be well mentioned, Brahmanism vs caste system, we discuss things based on our agenda about them.

I have had my thoughts spared on most of these, on and off, and have had slight differences of opinion with majorly held views, except point-1. But lately when I relaxed myself, I realize that these thoughts are still prevalent in my mindscape and they have slightly matured, as to how I am seeing them now, a slight difference of opinion with even myself. I am not anyone’s agent, trying to give the value of scholarship to otherwise disqualified people. I will talk about that a little as well.

So lets go point-by-point.

Mathew and anti Mathew effect.

I wanted to write this article, separately, as I didn’t want to break the flow of Physics arguments in the article, where this point came up.

This point was originally raised by Feynman; as far as I know. If David Mermin comes, he will stick his cotton buds, and wipe this out, and claim he said it, there is no lack of such incredible people. All he does say in that article, linked here, is so typical of plagiarists that you wouldn’t believe how murkily he dismisses Feynman as the original fellow who might have said so, “he is a great mind calculator, so nobody would ask him to shut up and calculate”.

How about nobody would think “Madonna” is a slut. A beautiful lady in the corner, well nobody would be harsh to her, such harshness would only be toward me, only I would be one to whom such a treatment can be mated, and that would be David Mermin’s famous and infamous proof and evidence of Mathew Effect of which he is apparently a victim.
If, anything, even I knew of “shut up and calculate” in my grad days, as a phrase ascribed to Feynman, in my privacy of studies, in other words never discussed with anyone, but knew of it, and grew in associating this behavioral treatment towards myself, going as far idiosyncratically, even to compare the thickness of my own hair, with Feynman’s, I can’t be Feynman, or can I be? Can “shut up and calculate” be used on any grad student or similarly placed researcher? Yes, it can be and thats the whole message, not the interpretation by the name of the city of Copenhagen.

Which books to follow if you are to begin learning Japanese. #mdashf #Japanese1

When I am asked for my references for which books one should follow to begin learning Japanese, here is what I suggest.

1. For Hiragana, Katakana (the phonetic alphabet)

This book comes with many exercises and really quick to teach you most important things as a beginner. Its an excellent and slim size book.

にほんご かんたん (reads Nihongo Kantan, in Hiragana, means: Easy Japanese)

Book Title: SPEAK JAPANESE, A textbook for young students.

Authors, Kiyo Saka and Hisako Yoshiki
Publications, Kenkyusha

2. Learning practical and wide deal of applications into living life in Japan, this “Lonely Planet Phrasebooks for Japanese” with 2000 words 2-way pocket size dictionary.

Hey whats up, did you finish reading that book? What are Appropriate Conversations and what are not?

4. You were writing a book. I support writers whole-heartedly** . Why you stopped writing that book, I can help you with the preface. (**I grow immensely jealous about anyone doing anything positive and beneficial for them that I keep on introducing myself on these vague lines)
Would you care to explain all of a sudden why you started talking about something, I have never talked this with you. In-fact who even tells you my books stopped and more-so it needs your self-proclaiming expertise. Rude enough and no rights to barge into someone’s personal or professional life in the excuse of help. Did he seek your help, or is he not capable enough to find one agent who can actually help him do his preface, if in-deed that is the real status of the author. You are just making undue advantage of being in the loop. In result you just want to insult someone who is nice to you.

My Teaching Philosophy.

Teaching is therefore while creative, satisfying and attractive in many respects and suitably rewarding one must be devoted in as many angles as it requires to be successful and responsible keeping the motto of teaching in glaring memory: teaching produces tomorrow’s citizens, the spearheads and pioneers of tomorrow’s world is the just product of today’s education and a teacher is the most relevant architect for that purpose.

I also look at teaching and learning process from another angle of paramount importance. Research. Teaching devoid of the latest knowledge of a body of epistemology, a creative dint of heuristics never discovered before or a suave deviation from a canonical pedagogy cannot be effective or attractive. One therefore in almost all academic branches be inclined to persevere to invent or share such gained insights by others towards the student-body. An ideally inspired student with an appetite to grow and cultivate the action of learning is not only the need of academia but also a cornerstone of a progressive society.

友達 に 覚える 。。 この 胸 に 夢が得る

友常 祐介 さん;

私 は ダッス ございます。

こんにちは 。。私 たち お互い を 知っている 2006 年 から 。

高エネルギ 実験 で 私 は 働く でした、 それ時、一つ 回 と 一緒に 私 たち 夜食 ため に つくば 市 で いきました。

それ 事 は 覚えている ?

−− ダッス

My opinions about India in US in 2002

We need to discuss all these in the platform of utkalsantans so that first of all the group members are made aware of the problem so that an attitude to tackle these problems would come up in due time. We have so many concrete problems to deal with (like upliftment of the status of women in the state, basic education for all, eradication of corruption by acting from a position of strength and by spreading awareness and by augmenting the army that would fight for such a cause) but its not possible to deal with them without having the right kind of mindset soaked with a feeling of patriotism. Hope we’ll discuss these issues in detail later (once I finish this semester in a few days )

Look what I found

3) We can discuss about Education and Examination pattern in Institutions where I have been (and logical extrapolation of my experience to answer your basic questions) and Physics related matters in yahoo messenger service.  HYPERLINK “” But I prefer email because I can get time to think and give you practical rather than smart answers. Don’t hesitate to bother me.

The Nobel prizes in India … what does a mocking bird say?

Out of 10 therefore 7 were actual Indians, of which only 2 were retained and 5 could not be retained. For its own type India impresses only 28.5%. Unimpressed: 71.5%.

For those who came here all because India was a colony and not a melting pot you have 3.

But they are to be compared with how many could have come in their contemporaneous time. Perhaps these 3 are to be compared to 1000 or more.

So a minuscule tiny attraction factor for India.

Language Analysis -II [and some stories]

So upon my answer it was clear to the class what Jyotsna is. My Grandpa then asked me to “give 2 bidhas=fist-blow on the back to Mr Kuna”. But Mr Kuna and I hang in the “khala” . He was a loser with flute and me a jeering fella. When I went close to him, he was sitting about 3 rows from front, he said in my ears “Lulu, do it really soft”. I thought this is my chance to win over you so I said “why?’. He said “it will have consequences in the haystack meaning he would take revenge with his power. He was bigger. But I didn’t care. Whoever leaves such a chance to hit a guy who is so much more powerful than you. And I gave him 2 bidhas.

I will tell you now all the uncanny analysis I have done. But I will take some rest.

divinely unmindful

But time to take a little power nap, it was a heavy lunh of rice and alligned side dishes and if you want to pardon me “wake me up after 30 minutes” using some kind of facebook spam-robot to set my alarm

scientist turns poet:)

I remember the first story I made up was when I was about 9 yrs. It came 3rd or something in the competition and I re…ceived two books as a reward. One was “Robin Hood” the other was “How cinemas are made” each written in Odia.

मेरी पासपोर्ट और अनेक सारी कहानियां…

लेकिन आप इन्सान से अगर सुरक्षित रह गए इसका मतलब नहीं आप गाय से बच जायेंगे. ये हमारे रस्ते पे फ्रीडम की त्यौहार मनाते हैं. मैं दो बार अपने स्कूटी से गाय के वजह से गिरा हुं, इनकी आँखों में मासूमियत होती हैं लेकिन इनके चाल की परिभाषा आज तक किसी ने नहीं दिया. ये कोई रुल नहीं फलो करते. मैं पेहना हुं एक माइक्रो कट्टन जींस INR ६०० की और वो आ रही है आगे से, अचानक सी, और एक तरफ बाली (sand). गाय और बाली का जोड़ी खतरनाक होता है ठीक जैसे औरत और शराब का. दोनों को एक साथ मत लो, अगर कोई आप्शन है तो. खतरा कहाँ से आयेगा ये तुम्हे कोई नहीं बता सकता शिवाय खतरा के.

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