A friend recently remarked this, “scientist turns poet:)” Another friend remarked I am a mix of a Physicist and poet (I will try to put his words sometime here on wordpress, if a man wants to write everything he thinks and comes across it easily makes him a writer, writing is obviously a good career, but there is so much in my case, I try to put as much as possible)

Here is my remarks on my being a poet. (said to a friend)

I wrote poems, articles, essays, stories etc from 8 years on-wards. And they were very good often meeting regional awards. I remember the first story I made up was when I was about 9 yrs. It came 3rd or something in the competition and I re…ceived two books as a reward. One was “Robin Hood” the other was “How cinemas are made” each written in Odia.
As such Odia had a very strong literature connection, now I know why. My mother tore apart the “Robin Hood” into two unequal parts (which motivated me to study geometry sincerely). She tore them because I was reading Robin Hood under my pillow a day before my examination.
I had a habit of reading “janha mamu” right before my exam…Back then it had “tini tantrika” then “dhusara durga” then “kanaka upatyaka ra kahani”, I had literally collected 100s of these monthly’s. When I was a kid our family always got the copy of Janhamamu and many other books/booklets (such as JB Pattnaik edited Paurusha) and shishulekha.
(I wish I remain a kid always who only reads the Shishu lekha kind, that’s why I am unmarried)
When I finished all new Janhamamus which I had started as early as about 1984 thru to 1995/97 I started looking for the older ones. I discovered some one quite older than me who had Janhamamu from a few years earlier. He gave me his copies in exchange for the story books I got from my school library (I was in std 3 or 4) He would lend me more when I return him and so on. Some how I lost 1 or 2 copies of him and had to pay him back to recover my library books.
(My family is usually always unaware of my schemes, I am an innovator)
When I ran out of the older ones I looked for still older, I was motivated to know how older they run. Fortunately I had a friend in high school whose family house in his village had as many as 100s of these, all from 1967 or so onwards. I got it all and read. My link with “sahitya” or more aptly “reading” is quite intensive. You would be surprised I am a scientist from being one who was a man of lit. than the opposite…
I had published a poem (self written though) in the Odia lit. magazine “Disha” in the year 1992/93/94 (sometime in those 2 years) My involvement in writing and speaking had taken a bad turn when I went into high school in 1989…Otherwise you would have seen plenty of these writings, Our schooling system was a whack steered towards short term glory…

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