Trials and tribulation
Jubilation, convolution
Revolution, trail blazing population..
Ma Pateli bapa sharma
Bap Pateli Ma Verma
…Ma Pajama papa cry ma
Trials and tribulation
All papi all dharma
Go casino sing drama
Capuchino, alpachino Frapuchino shibarama
Trials and tribulation
Convolution jubilation
Drop your gun drop your comb
If you think it, it can be a bomb
Pick a girl pick your girl
Eat chalupa wear a pearl
Carolina Argentina Nevada and Tangerina
Minepoli caseroli minestrone and flower hena
Buckle up Virginia give a shot to Apachiana?

(Inhi logon ne leli dupatta meri…inhi ..)
Holaback to Lady gaga
Drool a time drool a chika
Atashi wa indo jina anata wa paprika
Hot like that not like that
Check this out groove like that
Top the stairs dance like that

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