QM energy-time uncertainty: given 1 nanosec error you incurr 6.6*10(-7) eV a very small error on energy. This is minimum as per QM. You will make more than this, never less. This translates as 5.22 mm/s on speed, Minimum. So QM allows atleast 300000 km/s +/- 5.22 mm/s. OPERA sees 7.5 km/s above this. The natural question is are they making a really small error on their energy to be able to claim so? I worked out the relation between uncertainty on speed and time from energy-time uncertainity. I, like OPERA set uncertainty on neutrino mass to be zero and it’s nominal mass to be 2 eV. This gives me for an energy uncertainty of ~0.01 eV a speed of ~7 km/s. That is the excess speed they see is a result of the error they make on energy or distance because uncertainty on time is fixed at say 1 nanosec. {for 10 nanosec energy uncertainty will be 10 times less, but thats the minimun not the error OPERA makes} SO to claim superluminal neutrinos their 7.5 km/s should not only come with a time uncertainty of 1 nanosec (or 10 nanosec) but it should also have an energy uncertainty which is better than 0.01 eV (if 1 nanosec) or 0.001 eV (if 10 nanosec). That is very clearly not the case. This could have been avoided if they did not set their neutrino mass to be what is accepted by the Physics community as official (PDG) but depended on their own analysis which is what MINOS had done. In that case the inherent errors would cancel each other and they would not see whaat they are claiming. If they still want to claim superluminal neutrino, I have worked out for them the basic Relativity and QM which says they must measure their energy better than 0.001 eV. I am only using basic physics (the details of which I have given on my last two blogs, more details later, but anyone can use his own textbook if he has doubts, I warn though he would not find the exact solutions I use, pl. wait if you need more details, or drop me an email: mdash@vt.edu cc: g6pontiac@gmail.com


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