You super suckers, you know Einstein’s famous E=m, but you do not know the lesser famous EE=mm+pp? you do not know therefore that Relativity not only proposes mass-energy equivalence but also energy-momentum equivalence, momentum is p. You know that p =mv but you do not know that Einstein said there is Lorentz “hiding” between m and v?  p =m(γ)v? Because if you were to know that much you would have known that Einstein also equivalenced E and v, like he equivelenced energy E and mass m. If you were to know that much you could find the fact that there is no neutrinos that could actually go beyond speed of light.

And this you have to see by wearing the goggles of Quantum Mechanics. which tells you between energy and time there is a tussle. If one grows sharper the other broadens. E,p,v,m,d being equivalent E-t sharpness-broadening effect also means p-t, v-t, d-t sharpening and broadening correlation. I did not explain why d=distance is equivalent to E like it is to m. But that is easily seen from E,v because v = d/t and famous Einstein idea is space and time are equivalent. This is also seen in General Relativity where E is expressed as distance, why else you have Schwarzschild radius = 2Gm? m being E. G being Newton/Galileo gravitational constant you studied in Ha-skull.

SO given mass or energy you just multiply 2G and you have the equivalent distance d, speed v, momentum p and so on. So you can say Einstein said Energy and distance are equivalent and if your Ha-skull teacher fails you, tell him a knock knock joke, I have a beautiful diagram that shows the most explosive knock knock joke, if Mark Zuckerbrug allows adult contents on facebook AA’will show it or you can order via email.

Now that (E,p,v,m,d,t) are all equivalents the most famous uncertainty relations you have of which there are 3 are equivalent expressions of just 1 equation (atleast two of them, the 3rd one I haven’t thought yet, but you know ang. mom. is just distance and mom. product and angle is just a ratio of distances) So 3 uncertainty relations of QM are actually just one when Einstein enters. I am just surprised the supersuckers never taught you that. So I was an illiterate till I thought hard over 6 months. Aneeway so together all this explains you all you needed to know anout special and general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Rest of the stuff you will just learn one day. Have hope, don’t believe pope and cope, with patience climb a slope, you will see a cantelope, you will sing , can’t do it anymore ..

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  1. The velocity of time= T

    Physics for the sake of answering the BIG question may be a moot point. Think of it as the end of human understanding. That cannot be understood by any of us asking the question.


    1. What do you even mean? People like you just remind me how silly our world can be. On one hand you can type and I can see what you typed even if we are far across from each other. On the other hand you have defined a velocity of time and believe that Physics is wrong. Amusing but let me tell you, you can define a rate of a time, not a velocity of time, and this is already to be found in Physics, if you think of propertime and coordinate time, time has a different rate if we change our frames of references. It is propertime that always flows at the same rate no matter what, but coordinate time flows at different times, hence rate of time passage = r(t) = dt/d(tau) and this rate changes with the frames of references.


      1. I understand that the rate and flow of time at different intersections of existence are variable. Those variables change depending where we exist within the time spectrum/wave. However, I struggle to fathom the possibility of finding our/the origin of time with any meaningful result. I’m not saying that physics is “wrong.” I am wondering rather if our application of the laws of physics and understanding have been misappropriated.


        1. No it has not been misappropriated. Rather it has given us a marvelous way of looking at our world. eg one of the biggest and most pleasant of our time is what came up just yesterday the first ever planet in the habitable zone around it’s Sun, 600 light years away. This is habitable and better perhaps than our planet, but we can never go there. It is pleasant because of such knowledge of our Universe which was not going to come without applying the laws of Physics, how else can you see planets that far away and infer their habitable nature. Elsewhere today I said this “Universe is more fundamental than time”. Physics makes this possible. We not only look at time, we also look at our Universe with our eyes wide open in awe and inspiration. It is only a wishful belittling I hear elsewhere where the religious mind can neither grasp nor appreciate the beuaty of the laws of nature and how much of it we have understood in only half of a milenia, the last century not withstanding. I have taken your quest very favorably, especially this last one. Thanks for asking. Enjoy your day.


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