helplessness, solitude and an ability to not take unfair advantage

they can beat if you can hear them, you and only you

no musical genius :D

partly broken and partly unsung, fairly positive and seeking some thong

a little bit of fantasy and a little bit of dare, it all bloom into a flower if you care

don’t think a lot, just flare, you glow when you do that, I swear

the world likes so, but it ain’t square. when I need you why do you care

jump on my chest I won’t complaint, cos there is only a little place where you can stare

to look deep into a man’s problems only a brave lady can ? (bare?)

(wow, are you sure physics is the right area for you?)

its a lovely backup

not many are ready to packup

when the time ain’t right, they go broke

its only me who looks shrill

but not many grey lumps to stroke

I abide by the policy of adjustment

not completely off by abandonement

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