In my 4 month old site, yesterday was the highest traffic. In-fact wordpress is very inefficient count, it loses about 28% of stats as per my privately installed counter. But I have good reasons to think my counter is inefficient too. Because it will count one organizational computer as one with even 10 users. But then the fact that 10 users read something would mean it would show up as page views, so one could not count in terms of people but pages that were read. In any case yesterday as per wordpress I had 82 views [which seems like 82 people actually] as my counter had 84 people reading the pages, with 114 page views. In any case 144 is an upperbound to number of readers as number of readers will never go beyond the page views and there will be hardly few readers who will read multiple articles in one go and continue that trend everyday or in any random day.

So all in all it sounds there were 82- 114 NEW people reading the site yesterday. Wordpress reports it as highest which is highest in terms of people anyway, never in the 4 months or earlier it was as high. But as per my counter the highest page views were for this site 150 a day so one can say actually the highest readers could be close to 150 if organizationals computers were to be added. In-fact

1. a person would usually read atmost 1 or 2 article in an organizational setup [there is pressure of others, someone has to go in half an hour and so on ]


2. most research-science based orgs are organizational computing systems. Multiple users login with counter reporting 1 reader.

I guess its better for the counters to report its an organizational set up or personal computer etc.

Spams are not included and almost all views are quality views driven by motive to read these articles as evidenced by search parameters and reference source-sites. I get most readership either from stumbleupon or an inherent loyal readership spread across the world but I do not get hardly 2 views from facebook where I maintain all my activities of sharing my content and updating information. If they were to click on these and read that would show up as “facebook” on wordpress source-reference info.

Perhaps they are just doing a word of mouth service to promote me and also “they are so like awesome you know” they keep on liking anything I post and anything I say if it rhymes you know. They are like cool. Ye. I am back to my hip days. whass up yo.

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