Once I met a beautiful young lady near the Blacksburg Transit near Torgerson at Tech. We got talking. She was an American slim beautiful blonde lady doing her undergrad in engineering. She was probably in Architeture or Urban Planning. She asked me where I am from and I said India. It was way back in 2004 or 5. So she laughed. I asked her the reason. She said its because of Kamasutra she is laughing. She said India is such a liberty for sexual life style. I said we have the exact same image of America. We think it is free wrt sexual desires. And its true, thats what people think in India. And you know why. The camcorders have replaced the idea of artistic glory.

So we continued this conversation and went into the student center called squires. She said she does not understand cricket. So I said I can explain it to her. I am on anytime there is science [geometry or diagrams … ] into it little knowing anyone is interested or not, like you see science geeks doing in BBT [which always reminds me who I am really] But she was an engineering “aspirant”. So I took a paper and drew cricket into it. Our conversation went quite well for half an hour. Then she had to leave and I had to. [Which is why I liked America, you hardly feel any national or cultural animosity as long as you are completely free, fear takes it away]

So she took my phone number [or email] and left. Actually before leaving she asked me if I would like to join for a movie called Matrix. I said yes. [By that time I was thinking I am some kind of “younger version of Leonard from BBT”]

So I was waiting for the evening [that day or tomorrow!!] when I could go to the movie.

She corresponded [It might be a telephonic call but I don’t recall, I don’t even recall exact year] and said they have changed the plans and they are not going to the movie.

I thought thats OK, but by taht time I knew what its all about. So I am making up a plot for it.

Rebecca: Hey Joe I met a very cool guy at Squires today.

Joe: Yeah, whats it all about.

Rebecca: well, you know .. he is so awesome, he taught me cricket.

Joe: you guys played cricket?

Rebecca: Nah just on paper.

Jason: Cos I’d be like where do I hit the ball

Joe: ah ok

Rebecca: You know, I have asked him if he could come join us on saturday for Matrix.

Joe, Jason: whoa. he asked you first!!

Rebecca: Nah but he is a very young grad student, very smart fella. I thought it would be just a nice cultural thing.

Joe: yeaaa !! but you know I am thinking if he would really fit in, we are undergrads.

Jason: yea, and you know, these guys are really intelligent and do not accept western world like we do.

Rebecca: I just thought he is Indian and we could later talk about in our cultural experience hooplas. Like how kinky we are.

Jason, Joe: nah, thats not a problem. International stuff are cool.

Rebecca: and he is like so awesome, he is very good looking, a slim shoddy.

Joe: you see thats the problem, we are not really the kind that goes to Greek fraternity houses.

Rebecca: Should I just call him and ask him we have changed our plan, cos you guys do not seem quite Ok with an international guy.

Jason: don’t mention it, just let him know, an exam or a pop quiz is coming and you changed plans.

3 thoughts

  1. Guys are going to be guys! One thing though, Rebecca could atleast openly entertain the idea of inviting Joe for a movie.


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