Human arrogance if free from follies can be far more beneficial than arrogance with follies. An arrogance laddened with a  propensity to ignore our follies is what leads us towards darkness. To say arrogance in itself is a folly is a severe lack of judgement in many counts. First you could not differentiate the follies from arrogance which is to say you did not realize arrogance either and mixed both up, perhaps it was just the folly that was causing  harm. In fact if a folliful personality claims its his/her follies that makes his/her arrogance I have nothing to say. But arrogance is what exists and this is how we respond, you would not realize that the warm hug that you got from a person was his ego and the hi you get from someone is his/her ego.  There is nothing special called ego.  Its just one of those fictitious psychological variables that have been invented like aether. Now you can say I know what your follies are but then I may not sound too interested to know from you and you either feel hurt or you say to cancel your own feelings “what an egotist”. But I think you got it, being disinterested is my ego. If being disinterested is also my folly then you can easily mix my follies and my arrogance. Arrogance is the consciousness towards ego, that is, towards the responses of your mind. Your mind can respond in beautiful fashion and make it easy for others to realize what sort of personality you have. So ego is just fine. Mistakes are not. You have to constantly clear this up.

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