I give easy ways to remember 5 kanjis, this is perhaps 4th in that series

1. 足 [ashi, leg] A man [人] walking towards house from parking lot
2. 手 [te, hand] A stick to be hold with any of the two hands
3. 心 [kokoro, heart, many other words] it can be broken in 3 pieces or just be one, you just remember this
4. 頭 [atama, head] zoom in, recognition of pattern, left: 1 box , 1 line, 2 separate lines, two connected lines. right: 3 boxes, 2 separated  lines, 2 connected lines
5. 指 [yubi, finger] A finger because one can trigger a gun, hold a stick, wear a shoes or draw diagrams/picture


will update the other tricks I created, later

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