Hindi: मुझे [mujh-e] and Odia: ମୋତେ [mot-e] are cognates. They mean: to me.

Well thats clear to anyone who knows these two languages enough which can take you say 10 or 15 years. Howto know that if you did not know these languages as such but they have been written into Roman. You have to use Dassu’s formula, invented within last year.

h>>0 [pseudo stress makers]

u<>o [auxiliary vowel adjustment: aeiou]

e: particle e [also found in Japanese: To/Direction/reference]

Then you have Hindi: muj-e, moj-e, Odia: mot-e, mut-e. So they must be the same word if j<>t and lo-and-behold they are. t<>s<>c[ch-type]<>j[j is a stressed ch] Thats a powerful formula set for cognation testing. Once you know the meaning in any one language by any means you know then the meaning in another.

There are a few other formula that have been discovered by me. You can find them in language category articles in this website.

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