Proof Gadafi wa irrational. He killed 1200 men in 3 hours.

1200/(3*60)=6.6666666666 6666666666 6666666666 666666667

Gadafi, he killed 6.67 {men/min}; a recurring irrational man: 6.67 on Hitler scale.

Definition of Hitler scale: how many men you kill in a minute {men/min}? The strongest bitch would do 0.03 {men/min}. [takes her 3 men in 100 minute, half-an-hour per man is a good enuf time] See why world hates Hitler? He was a shockingly man-quake. far stronger compared to bitches. 6.67 is 222 times stronger than a bitch in devastating men.

–23 oct 2011

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