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What did I know about K-long mesons a decade ago … 16th October 2002

A set of slides of my research from the year 2002. These were the initial years of my studying K-long meson at Belle, KEK, Japan. This is a very interesting toy MC study I had performed. I had developed a c++ program to do this simulation. Here are the slides. Klong meson

The particle physics laboratories are one of the prime locations for scientific research in the world. These labs consists of apart from large structures over and below the earth’s surface, huge computational facilities spread across the world, data-collection and monitoring systems on-site and in member-research-institutions spread around the globe and the intellectual analysis of the data which follows layers and layers of sparsing, filtration and size reduction and the final analysis to extract meaningful physical phenomena.

Its after this last step any new result from such studies…

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