retreived from march 05 2004, for Summer-2004 {My 1st formal}

Research Proposal for Summer-2004

A Monte Carlo Study of the Decays  and

Manmohan Dash

Department of Physics, Virginia Tech

March 4, 2004

Thesis Advisor   Prof Leo Piilonen


The above study will be carried out at the B-factory of the “High Energy Accelerator Research Organization”, Japan as part of the author’s Ph.D. research. The B-factory refers to the laboratory of the research institution where B-meson decays are produced at the Upsilon (4S) resonance for the C.P. violation study in such decays. Decays of the D0 meson via the 2 channels and ) are very important for such a study. Experimental data is produced and analyzed for such decays in laboratories all around the globe. A Monte Carlo study is a precursor to such data analysis.

Objective and Goals

The above study fits into the studying of  Decay Rate Asymmetry of and , the author’s Ph.D. thesis. Analysis in the Monte Carlo data sample is often useful and provides tools to attack the real problem. It involves simulation of the nature of the nature of the decays and the response of the detector to such decays. Thus the study involves the following.

Writing of codes and scripts for the generation and analysis of Monte Carlo data samples.

Formulation of selection criteria for finding signature of such decays in a myriad of other decays that are of no concern in the study but suppress lots of important information about decays under study and thus must be rejected.

General study of several physical quantities to see their characteristics so as to know what to expect in real experimental data sample.

Presenting intermediate results in small group of researchers already involved in similar but not necessarily same research for important feedback and error finding.
Experience and Plan of Action

The author has already spent a period of 14 months doing such research at the laboratory in Japan acquiring adequate amount of skill and orientation required for such a research goal.

The technique for this particular study is already at hand and has already been tested for other decay modes by the author himself.

Previous experience suggests that writing of all software codes for this task (from scratch) will take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Presenting the intermediate results, finding errors and fixing them will be a continual process and will take up to an additional time of 6 weeks.


This study does not end in itself but fit into the bigger goal of the Ph.D. thesis of the author. The result of this study is therefore very important for the progress of the Ph.D. research. The author has already passed his Ph.D. preliminary examination.

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