I took a little stroll in a trail behind my house. It’s filled with hills and trees, greenish leaves, a funny transparent green leaf. 100s of cranes come here in the evening, since weeks. Cows as well. One cow was lying unmoving in her shit. She wasn’t perhaps capable of moving. It all reminded me of a beautiful trail called “Huckelsberry” in Blacksburg, Virginia which I walked only couple times sometimes in 2007. I also took a lot of strolls around the town towards the airport in Blackburg, I walked a lot. While returning I would either go to BackStreet Pizza or take a carrot and dip and Monterey chicken roll and eat it somewhere behind the court house. Then before evening sets I would get back to University Club. The Korean lady would be smoking. And I would go to her and lit my fire. And we would talk. She was in Urban Planning. Alright thats it.

I have a friend from Virginia, his name is Doug Richmond. He drops me emails every now and then. There was also John MaCormick and Pete and Jack and John Wahl. We would eat pizzas from Backstreet or sushi from Kroger. Hell of a time. We would drink a lot in the social of the Club, the land lady was Leslie, one heck of a sweet person. MaCormick was a professional Photographer of Tech, almost all famous picture on Tech’s website he must have clicked them. I lived in Club for a year. {basically I was poor by then} John Wahl {or is it John Wall} a comic character, got beaten by his Puerto Rican wife decades ago and recounted his story.

Jack {the Chinese fella} cooked rice all the time with doors wide open and watched movies. Pete often took me around to Blackburg or Christiansburg. I also took him in my cars sometimes and we would go to drink tea in the Mill Mountain. There was a Turkey fella Bulent Yardimogla, son of ..,  he claimed he was a modern day Cassanova. I didn’t believe him. We had a little fall out but we were very fond of each other. We had a fallout because we would go for outings like to Mill Mountain, but he would cut the outing whimsically and change his plans etc.

Once he ranted a lot about the Americans cos the Americans at the NRV Christiansburg mall took 9 $ from him unfairly. But he gave me a very good factual advise, you must get tired during the day from work if you want a sound sleep. When I was living in Foxridge it was a beautiful place, I would walk around but mostly take the bus, play tennis with Korean and Turkish fellas {that was 2003, 2004}. Always. The Terrace View; I lived twice up there. But it was mostly when I was very young and new to the United States, so back then I enjoyed mostly the urban life. I had told sometimes 3 yrs ago, in my blogs, how I learned driving in the USA. Gerlind was my trainer. He was a senior citizen getting free burgers from McDonald. I always wished I grew faster. A lot of a lot of thing I did when I was in the US.

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