The bonhomie of my hiatus.

them a small monetary reward.

After the meal I went to sleep. After a couple or 3 hours my sleep was again broken in a mad rush of argument between the same people. This time the guy who was advocating for the family, with an old man to take care of, was himself arguing with the baba. And it was really as bad as last night. I woke up and already one man was rebutting them for disturbing others.

I jumped down to the floor, from my upper berth, by climbing halfway down and joined him in admonishing these pair. “Look you have made our lives so inconvenient, we can’t sleep because you continue to fight each other, keep that off”.

The man who was fighting with the baba could not digest the fact that we were already asking them to shut up. So, he was like “why you are asking me only, he has come, now you have come”.

I said “I am admonishing both, not just you, and you got it right, he came, I came, now another will come, stop disturbing everyone here”. Then they settled down.

A stroll in memory

I took a little stroll in a trail behind my house. It’s filled with hills and trees, greenish leaves, a funny transparent green leaf. 100s of cranes come here in the evening, since weeks. Cows as well. One cow was lying unmoving in her shit. She wasn’t perhaps capable of moving. It all reminded me of a beuatiful trail called “Huckelsberry” in Blacksburg, Virginia which I walked only couple times sometimes in 2007. I also took a lot of strolls around the town towards the airport in Blackburg, I walked a lot. While returning I would either go to BackStreet Pizza or take a carrot and dip and Montery chicken roll and eat it somewhere behind the court house. Then before evening sets I would get back to University Club. The Korean lady would be somking. And I would go to her and lit my fire. And we would talk. She was in Urban Planning. Alright thats it.