I have often boastfully proclaimed science is the most powerful driver of any economy. But this I realize only after being a professionally involved scientist. Before that it was only a sheer motivation to do something thats so most talked about that is so intellectually captivating and that is so an honorable occupation. My motivations for going into a career of science were laid for the Last time when I was about 21 years old. Before that all that was settled was I am a student of science or more aptly a student of the science stream. This time I was brushing directly and much more intensely with career scientists of all age and those who shape the future of any country’s science. The decision was therefore one with impunity. But you start to like various things that gives flavor and credence to your occupation, as a very young guy. After such intense interactions and fructification and even of somewhat monetary angles and a better clarity of what sort of activities a career scientist awaits in future a career in science is imminent. I had never looked back since those days a decade ago.

An adolescent is prepared for his life at a very tender age, believe it or not, it has been like this for millenia. We make technological progress but our intellectual progress and philosophies must have been making their impacts since as long as we have invented fire. The fact that human beings can invent something as significant as fire for its own shelters also points to the fact that it must have realized its philosophical standings and its guidelines for life, for its various different membership and that should not be a tough realization for us in 2013. Ofcourse they were nascent in terms of technology or we would be seeing PDF documents of their conferences. They were nascent in technology, language being a technology and logical effort of society there is no linguistic communication in these direction, but their philosophical quest and their intellectual bearings of their contemporary environment isn’t hard to imagine. We are still evolving and we are from a global or rather timescale purview of human existential growth nascent. We are kids and we are childish and we are kidding all the time. Our descendants will judge us much like we judge our ancestors. In their formulation our technology will be outdated but still existent and will be usable by 3rd world communities and our philosophy and intellectualism and our guidelines for life of every membership will still be attractive although premature and societal and nascent.

So at a tender age I had my legacy inspirations. The legacy of communities, societies and civilizational arrows deeply imbibed into our living despite of how much we poop and fight immaturely. Well pooping is necessary and we have never gotten around fighting. It takes both traditional methods of learning as well as a super coincidental link such as the one I have had to be the kind of inspired scientist that I am. I grew up in a village in India although my later life turned out so different. But my point is a kid learns predecidely in the environment in which he finds himself/herself. With growth the environment keeps on changing and one finds opportunities to go in various directions of learning but think of the human spirit or the legacy guidelines I talked about. While we haven’t been able to change all that suck about us eg lack of technology and modernity in every corner of the world we have formed some sort of back up or make-out arrangements where you can “string” your way out of adversities. Opportunities are often ropes that has the same color as the environment of adversity. Recognize them.




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