I am so disappointed  !!

“Dear Sir:

I  had sent a packet of books from DTDC service center to be picked at Dhenkanal, Odisha. I was present at the service center and it was very well taken care of. Today I received the books at the local center. Actually on my behalf the books were received by two trusted persons who are working with us for more than a year. The package was completely broken. There is no reason why the package would be broken like this when it comes by flight. The distance between Bhubaneswar airport and Dhenkanal is merely 75 kms. It seems the package would not receive such damage even if dropped from a height several times. The paket has been cut with a knife all around to check to see valuables. Even one book cover was lying on the tightly packed books while its book was lying below, 5 books. Which clearly shows the content was searched for any valuables after cutting with a knife and even one book was taken from its cover. It seems due to the use of knife another book was  damaged. These are costly books and I have suffered some loss. I am not claiming any loss compensation but please make sure the responsible crews are taken a notice of so such can be prevented for others in the future.”


I can tolerate the fact that “Road Warriors” are written as “Road Worriers” and “Tasty Food” is written as “Testy Food”. But not the fact that my consignments will be searched for valuables and damaged in the process.

Road Worrier or Road Warrior? I caught “Road Worrier” on Republic Day !! The mobile isn’t making this very clear. Also somewhere I saw “Testy Food”

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