Compared to January 2012’s estimated 100 viewers (in the month of Jan only) which has steadily increased since then, its now reached to 2000 viewers in January 2013. That means 2K new viewers in the month of Jan. Thats a 2000% growth in a year to number of monthly visitors.

The website is seeing some financial restriction at least for this month since the registrations are ending in next week when I have a tight packed week-long tour starting from 8th. I am afraid since my tour itself will cost me much. The website needs a help of minimum 100$ and for more functions and some more fancy 200$ for the next whole year. I have removed or planned to remove other websites from incurring unnecessary finances, permanently, where I could not invest financially or professionally. Since content wise this is not a problem and website server will be maintained at this is going to be more convenient.

A better estimate would be 150 to > 3K visitors in January alone.

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