The status here at mdashf

What I will try to do is to keep on spending some time on mdashf (now I can see, at-most 2 hours a day is also not too strictly possible by any means, in addition to how you won’t be capable of even gathering to sit along and write, that too gather some focus to correct and enhance content quality. There would also be a lot of commutation and assignments to be completed by me. Life gets exciting, competitive and demanding, so lets give it a chance)

One of the things you might have noticed, is I am trying to learn some new language and stuff. This will go on as and when I get free time and the impending conditions of my assignments and employment.

So all in all, dear readers, do read anything you like, pass it on, discuss if anything is liked by you or share among others, comments of agreement and disagreement are fine but not strictly going to attract much time, as I said, not much time would be available around in here. But I will try.

Lot and lot and lot of things to be taken into streamline. If not, thats fine too, this years resolution has been, study, write and think. There are other wishes, if they turn out to be horses, will keep you posted according to their consequential values.

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MDASHF, how is it doing online.

All in all, safely, only 2013 saw 50,000 people who followed and endorsed my online presence or who accessed my website contents. (since you can like a page once only using your f-b id and since website visits checks unique IP address, this is a unique individual stats, that is , most precise count of number of people)

#mdashf wants to offer its long felt gratitude. This was possible only because of goodwill of people. There was zero amount of publicity expenditure. Not a single dime was ever spent by me or to my knowledge anyone else towards publicity. I am open to generous grants by individuals or orgs, btw, if you want to support #mdashf. The only expenditures that were incurred was on website layout, theme, fonts, hosting charge etc and the use of fancy all-in-one computer, personal laptop and printers/scanners and yea: BSNL ISP

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A very short hiatus from mdashf.

I am taking a very short hiatus, about less than a week it seems, for now, for some long distance travel, which will render me almost inaccessible towards any of the task on the website that keeps you and me busy. In the last months tons of posts were reviewed extensively adding conceptual clarity and insights that made the technical stuff so much more interesting. These were mostly posts from more than a year, two year ago and most of them are only Physics posts. Other posts I write are really well written often that calls for marginal cosmetic changes if not at-all. Since I keep posting the reviewed (if already not shared to all networks) and new posts to my face-book page which is public (face-book personal page does not have everything publicdomainly-accessible) and tweeter (here is the way to go to get the latest reviewed articles, because if something gets reviewed it also has a chance of being

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