Disclaimer; its not reading how to have diabetes, if you do not. Its not an advise to incur it. Its an advise howto deal with it, in case you have it.

So like in the disclaimer, many many many people have often remarked to me; “large intake of sugary food leads to diabetes”. They were all serious with such a contention, not just joking.

First off its not true. Large amount of sugar intake does not lead to diabetes. Neither does a little amount of sugar cause any harm to your body if you are diabetic. What happens is, if you have diabetes and often it goes to risky levels then you are advised to not take sugar (and a few more type of food like sweets) at all. They are not to be taken, better if discarded semi-permanently, semi here pertaining to say 90%.



I have diabetes since June 2009 when I discovered it for the first time. And no I am not going to return it to you, just because you want it from me. :D. I was in the clinic for a test of malarial parasite. When my blood and urine showed higher levels of glucose and the clinic guy noted it.

I went to a doctor by the name of Tripathy, in my hometown, who is by the way a hopeless fella. I learned to use this word from one of my roomie who thought I am hopeless with cooking, I suspected he is eating when the food is damn hot, when we all know hot food does not taste so nice, because our taste buds act thermodynamically, but not good to function with monster heat thats coming out of the soup when its so hot, you know, right? But somehow my chicken curry among other food was really tasty because it never remained no matter how much I cooked. So it was just the heat that was making him say that.

But why I say the doctor, Dr. Tripathy was a hopeless fella?

He said on day one before I was even confirmed to be diabetic, to “take insulin”.

Basically they do this, advise promptly to administer insulin, for two reasons;

1. to not take the complicacy of advising someone frequently and take the burden of diagnosis and prescription of various things like diet, exercise and medicine.

2. By prescribing insulin or certain kind of medicine, which may even be unnecessary, they might have an alliance with the medicine seller, thereby making profit.

This fella even turned out to be an ‘appointment defaulter’. I went to him in the morning, he asked me to come by 4 o’clock. I returned a good 8 kms to my house. When I showed up at 4 o’clock, he was about to leave. (Yes I arrive often in good judgement of time, earlier as you say it)

So I said I have an appointment, he said No you don’t. I reminded him; I came in morning he said “come later”. I said its already 4 times trip. (32 kms once I return now.) He was refusing to attend to me, so I said you are a doctor but really behaving like an uneducated person, you do not respect others time. So he quickly glanced my report and told me to take insulin and left.

I returned and saw him a little later, in another place, taking 3 daughters of his on an evening fun trip. Was it fun? Yes. The 3 daughters and this fatso hopeless fella were all packed into on fatso scooter. You know how big the scooters are really, right?. So I thought why would he fix the appointment. (and then unfix it, talk professionalism, will ya’)

When I get back home, and later I think I took an actual test and I was found positive for diabetes.

But I saw another doctor now, who said its not at all required to take insulin at this level. Since I was new, I didn’t know but now its clear. Insulin is only for serious failure? In any case I have never had to have insulin, although its now closing 4 years.


Last week I was on train, and met two fellas, on my trip. (Yes, the time I first went to Mysore and returned via Bangalore back to home town) Both of them were diabetic. The old fella is diabetic, only since 4 months. He was telling his story of how a prominent doctor in Bhubaneswar (who has a big diabetes hospital in this city, yes by the initial K) is a fraud.

He was also asked to take insulin, although he had just started to show sugar conditions. They had some fight. But turns out he is keeping really well now. Hearing this, the other guy who is diabetic, since a few years and from Bhubaneswar also, recounted his experience and said the same thing about the same doctor. He just eyes your money.

This is not untrue, since I have written couple years ago, how I had a fight with this rubbish doctor, in Bhubaneswar, whose initials are I and J. (I the Jeb-cutter, ha ha, someone forward this to him, I would die out of laugh and not diabetes)

All he wanted is money and would hardly diagnose you, or pay attention. He would give you 4 or 5 times a day medicines which is another complicacy. Would not care to explain you, your conditions or the medicines and have you sit for half an hour while chatting to others about housing in Bhubaneswar.

So I stopped going there. I have changed doctors 3/4 times, incidentally, but the last one I am with is fabulous. Only 2 times a day medicines need to be taken and you don’t have to run around the whole city, looking for the medicines. There is no alliance with medicine sellers.

So after I have found the right doctor and right treatment I am mostly keeping well. Couple of months ago my levels soared high, to risky levels. Two weeks later, they reduced, but a very tiny fraction. So I was worried. I took extra caution with everything I was eating, every morning I woke up early and every day walked vigorously. In-fact only alternate days will work, if you are doing good amount of physical exercise.

Here is why.

The diabetes is an ailment, where there is biological deficiency; of insulin. In type-I diabetes, insulin is not secreted, in type-II: insulin is secreted, but isn’t effective. Everyone who is educated about this, knows this. But what this means and what this entails?

Diabetes or perhaps any ailment, is a dysfunction of biological organs. Its not just a body-mind-spirit holistic union that didn’t pass its budget. Its also a biological malfunctioning. Some organ or process isn’t working any better any more. In case of the diabetes this is due to various reasons; eg inheritance from parents or genetics, stress, unhygienic living and eating conditions, starvation etc. Eating high calorific and damaging food and failing to melt the calorie etc.

Your body becomes less efficient and less metabolically capable. This means in simpler terms from being a 200 cc bike your body became a Luna Moped ! ( — which is what 45 cc?)

The volume ( — measured in cc = cubic centimeters of petrol? ) or the amount of energy, that can be processed, is now far less. A bike carries heavy load and travels much faster. A Luna can hardly carry much load. So if you load a Luna with big heavy stuff, its not going to drag well, gradually tear much faster and completely damaged in many parts.

Thats exactly what diabetes does, to our body. A diabetic body cannot digest more than, certain amount of calorie. I am supposing 800 calorie for me at this level, although in 4 years, no doctor, has ever told me how many calories I should take. Am I a real idiot?

India is the highest (??) diabetic country, but I bet 85 % of the bad diabetism, which leads to death, is lack of caution and not always by the patient, but also doctors, society, family everything altogether, who would help the death. We are not conscious about what diabetes really is. And I guess you wouldn’t need two diseases to know how careless we are with everything, all diseases, and diseases whose cure or control is reality, should be dealt with some degree of respect.

Whats the condition of society? Go to a very high end restaurant, the food is very spicy, filled with salt, oil, sugar and what not. Any kind of that will increase diabetes risk, not just sugar.

In most places eg Government owned trains, the tea and coffee are already mixed with sugar. The Government does not know we are a diabetic country? But it spends huge amount on commonwealth games. Why not on common-disease sports like diabetes?

You go to a Barista, CCD, Cuppa, Au Bon Pain; anywhere you have to spell it 3 times, NO SUGAR only SUGAR-FREE please.

The first time you ordered it, they heard it right, they said yes and then they bring the wrong choice. Then you tell them; they change it. Then you order another cup of coffee with same instruction, the same thing is bound to happen. I did experience in so many different places. Its kind of fun for them, not for you.

Anyway they don’t know here, by default using sugar-free, is a far better choice, than using sugar, whether or not you are diabetic. I have literally persuaded many folks, but they do not listen. Lets take my own family.

OK I understand the sugar free pills are expensive, but how about cokes?


What if you have diabetes, but you don’t know as of yet? See its a result of what sort of environs, we live our lives, our life style has rendered diabetes a highly likely disease, a pointer to the fact that India is a not a very hygienic nation in terms of even food to its upper class citizens and high end restaurants.

We are a religious and bigotry ridden society, high time we realize this, before we all die. In many advanced communities they use sugar-free by default. Better, if you need sugar, instead, ask. That way is so much more better, than the bigotry: you have diabetes why do I care. Bigotry: means literally big-ness, supremacy, here a non-diabetic person is a bigot, he/she is always looking for ways to put others down, am I a bigot? :)

So the idea is to have a community, which promotes good will, towards others, knowing very well, whether or not they are capable of something. Thats the real usage of science. Thats when we will see what we are capable of, rather than now.

So a LUNA. Our diabetic body is a Luna which cannot melt all the calorie it has. Perhaps, presumably for me, not more than 800 Kcal. That means if I ate more calories in one instance, I must melt them by exercise, good sleep and medicine ensures my body is functioning well in-between, for the next day. That means I can occasionally eat a sweet, sugar, potato or chicken, but not too much. And I must melt all fat and calorie, better on a day-to-day basis.

If not, the ailment affects the functioning of kidney, heart, eyes and as one of my doctor friend recently told THE reproductive organs. I am really scared now.


So I walked, regularly, ate healthy and I am making sure I am not jumping the 800 K-calorie, except exceptionally and slept well and in time and in 2 weeks my fasting level saw a drop of 130, back to the level of normal. I planned to check it sooner, but haven’t been able to, although its less than 4 weeks, since I last tested normal. So I will soon do that. If you have diabetes or someone who you know does, you can explain him this or pass this, if he is capable of reading this.


[Article was written on Feb 19, 2013, thats 2 and half year ago. It was slightly edited today, 23-09-2015, but good news is I got a accu-check for myself, to measure my sugar level, whenever I want, its a painless process and an amazing friend to have, just don’t bad mouth it on face book yet. I got this one last year]


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