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SO mass-energy equivalence is a special theory of realtivity effect and gravitational tensor-coupling has got nothing to do with it. A photon gets it’s energy-momentum (( energy/momentum)) from QED…

mdashf‘s insight:

When it comes to mass and energy, particles with and without mass then exactly what you should be careful about. The Uncertainty relations will produce additional "not so talked about relations of uncertainty" !! A very fundamental, known but not all sides known aspect of Physics which I have discovered after many different problems were related and caused me to think about the problem for more than half a year and gradually shed qualitative as well as quantitative light into the matter, plus the mathematical form helped me "solve" the OPERA anomaly from fundamental Physics POV. This article answers some of these " care to be taken " in Photon-matters at a good detail. {1. will be well read only if conncted with some more articles which are nonetheless to be found on the same website but not the same sequence 2. Only one line needs to be corrected: perhaps the talking about rest-mass or rest-frame of photon, this I have corrected and devoted one full article recently within last 1 week, but you are encouraged to find that article then matters will be far more clear, plus I am thinking to write a few more articles in this context pretty soon}

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