Just rhymes (English below)

teri umidon ko aise jhela hun
may minus infinity se plus tak fela hun
mujhe integrate karke bata de koi
may koi divergence ya singularity ka mela hun
jindagi ki kathinai ki dehshat mili hen aise
me rah chalte musafir bangaya akela hun
chalte chalte yun mujhko milte dost keise
anjanon se rishtey, bane hen barf ke chattan jaise
(majbut he par fisalti bhi he)

I have endured the expectations of life so

I am spread from minus infinity to plus

Someone integrate me and tell me

Am a fair of divergences and singularities?

Life has created the paranoia of difficulties

Walking the path of life I have become a lone tourist

I make friends from strangers

Their relation with me is like ice-floors

(The relation is sturdy but slippery)

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