If you have seen final destination, one of my favorite movie because I have seen it, (although I do not believe in superstition) when you escape death in some form because you were alerted before it reaches you it will keep on chasing you till it grabs you. A busload of passengers who were traveling by a Volvo from Bangalore to Hyderabad were all charred (45 death) when the bus suffered a collision on a bridge. This includes two software engineers that are from Odisha, who canceled air-trip and took the bus. Just 2 weeks ago I traveled from Bangalore by Volvo to Vizag and henceforward by private communique to Bhubaneswar. (No connection was just touched by the frailty of human lives)


Details here: http://www.ibtimes.co.in/articles/518096/20131030/40-killed-tragic-bus-accident-andhra-pradesh.htm

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