Rather than the venom Murray Gellman was spewing on Feynman, this talk by L. Susskind is very balanced. It does not heap a load of self-created baloney about the personality of someone else because you don’t like them or you want to exhibit your pretension that you don’t. So much for being a scientist, luminaries can be utterly dishonest, as in the case of Gellman. Gellman was actually trying to promote himself by badmouthing on the popularity of Feynman, a trait to be found till date among those who can’t even grasp what Feynman was.

But Susskind’s video here shows in much more acceptable and honest way what Feynman was really a scientist like. He (Susskind) describes a fellow scientist in much more vivid, sentimental, sensitive, befitting of honor, humorous way, his own experiences of Feynman, rather than the venomous and resentment-struck self-wishful description given by Gellman with whom (Gellman) Feynman was professionally and personally close. Gellman’s video can be googled.

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