What should bother us in India?

Indian drivers pay 22000 Crore Rs (at current rate 4 billion US $) per year as bribe to Indian Government. This is just the highways. Think. Why then cry foul about black money? thats a diversion. Right here we would be bribing 1000 billion US $ to Governments only. No wonder when private companies do not pay us properly or violate our rights in serious ways this is the reason. A government that takes bribes from its citizen at such massive scale will have no will to do anything regarding this. Which is also why there are so many killings and rapes on the street and domestic front. A government that has no moral obligation will do nothing. Which is also why our position is so week in the world level. The world does not operate like we do, why they will respect our problems? 

Here is that article and if you want a quick excerpts: 
In 60% of cases, officials avoid giving reason for stopping vehicle, but demand cash

* Corruption share: Police (45%), RTO (43%) and others (12%)

* Irritants on road: Harassment by police (77%) and RTO (73%), Wait at inter-state borders (58%), outside towns/cities for no entry (55%)

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